Guide to Darwin

As the capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin boasts an incredibly varied range of landscapes and things to do. The natural surroundings are perfect for a wander, while the town is filled with fun activities to keep you busy throughout the day.

If you’re in two minds about whether to head to this lively hub, here are some reasons why you should go.

Why You Should Visit Darwin

1. See the Jumping Crocs

Jumping Crocodile

One of the biggest draws of Darwin and its surrounds are the magnificent collection of saltwater crocodiles that call the waterways home. These prehistoric creatures have long been a part of the landscape, and visitors can get up close and personal with them on a Jumping Crocodile cruise.

On this adventurous activity, you hop aboard a boat and head down the Adelaide River with an experienced guide who will feed the crocs from the boat, encouraging them to jump out of the water. As you go, you’ll learn all about the history of these mesmerising animals and discover more about their habitat and behaviour.

2. Visit the Eclectic Selection of Waterfalls

Florence Falls

The natural scenery around Darwin is stunning, and there are plenty of majestic waterfalls that break up the landscape. In the Litchfield National Park, you can visit the popular Tjaynera Falls and Florence Falls, while Edith Falls sits pretty in the Nitmiluk National Park.

Many of the waterfalls are located on picturesque hiking routes, giving you the chance to explore the surroundings as you go.

3. Relax in the Thermal Springs

Mataranka Thermal Pool

As well as an eclectic array of waterfalls, Darwin and its surrounding scenery is also home to a number of thermal springs that are renowned for their healing properties.

The Mataranka Thermal Pool, Bitter Springs, and Berry Springs are some of the most popular in the region, providing a place to take a dip against the stunning backdrop. Look out for wildlife around these parts, too, as there are many native species to be spotted.

4. Discover the Rich Aboriginal Culture

The national parks around Darwin have long been an important part of Aboriginal culture. Visitors can learn all about the age-old traditions of the local Pudakul people that have lived in the area for thousands and thousands of years.

At certain hotspots, you can discover the ancient remedies used to heal and marvel at the performance techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Darwin and the surrounding landscape is full of magical surprises, whether you’re looking for memorable wildlife encounters or simply want to kick back and relax in the healing hot springs.

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