Jumping Crocodile Cruise

Jumping Crocodile Cruise, Darwin

The Adelaide River weaves its way around Darwin and provides a haven of ideal habitats for a number of native species.

Jumping Crocodile

Here, the lush surroundings give way to the curves of this popular river, bringing visitors the chance to get up close and personal with some of the region’s best loved critters.

As well as colourful bird species, fish, and everything in between, there is one particular animal that draws in crowds from miles around – the crocodile.

One of Australia’s deadliest animals is also the most fascinating, and people flock to the Adelaide River to do the Jumping Crocodile Cruise. While there, they learn more about these magnificent, ancient creatures, and can see them in all their glory from the safety of a boat.

The cruise is considered to be a must-do for anyone visiting the Northern Territory, simply because it gives you such a great chance to really get to know the crocs and their habitat – and they really are spectacular creatures.

The cruises run with only a few people on board, so you get an intimate experience with the crocodiles as you cruise along a private patch of the Adelaide River.

Towards the end of the Fogg Dam Road is where the magic happens. As you get closer to the home of some of the world’s most famous crocodiles, you’ll be able to take some memorable photos that will last a lifetime.

You’ll glide down the river marvelling at the beautiful surroundings and watching the crocodiles as they jump from the surface of the water in hunt of some food (don’t worry – you’ll be perfectly safe on the boat).

Why You Should Join the Jumping Crocodile Cruise?

Jumping Crocodile

The cruise prides itself on not only letting you see these amazing creatures up close, but by keeping a low-impact approach on the environment, too. The aim is to introduce you to some of the best-loved crocodiles in the world (like Brutus, who has made it into the news on several occasions) while keeping the area surrounding the Adelaide River pristine for the animals and plants that live there.

During the tour, you’ll get free cold drinks to keep you refreshed, and knowledgeable guides will teach you all about the magnificent crocs, their history in the region, and their behaviour.

This experience really is once-in-a-lifetime and a must-do for anyone in the area. If you’re keen to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s best-loved creatures, a jumping crocodile cruise is the way to go.