Tolmer Falls, Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park Rd, Northern Territory 0822

Tolmer Falls acts as the gateway to the impressive Litchfield National Park. Located near Darwin, this incredibly beautiful stretch of natural land is filled with native plant species and local animals.

Tolmer Falls

Throughout the park there are plenty of hiking trails, panoramic viewing points, and waterfalls perfect for a cooling dip in to escape the heat of the Australian sun.

Tolmer Falls are not only the gateway to Litchfield National Park, but they’re also the most spectacular falls in the vicinity. They cascade down over two soaring escarpments into a deep plunge pool below. At the base of the falls, where the water thunders into the pool, there are several caves dotted around that are home to Ghost Bats and Orange Horseshoe Bats, two extremely rare species of bat.

There are thought to be around 29,000 bats located in this part of Litchfield Park – a considerable number when there are only 34,000 of the species left in the world.

Besides catching a glimpse of the bats, learning more about them, and enjoying the views of the falls, one of the most popular activities at Tolmer Falls is hiking.

Tolmer Falls Walk

Tolmer Falls Walk

There is a designated Tolmer Falls walk, which takes visitors on a picturesque route through the surrounding scenery from the waterfalls. The walk itself begins at the lookout at Tolmer Falls, where you can marvel at the stunning views of the park and look down over the cascading water below.

It is an easy walk and sprawls out for 1.6km, taking in some rocky terrain along the way. All in all, it takes around 45 minutes to complete, and passes Top End sandstone country along the Tolmer Creek. This gives the surrounding scenery an earthy, golden glow, particularly where it meets the Tolmer tributary, which is smattered with pretty rock pools.

Despite the numerous refreshing pools, swimming isn’t allowed above Tolmer Falls, but there are several spots in the vicinity where you can kick back, relax, and cool off. As well as this, there are designated BBQ spots, where you can cook up a storm, Aussie-style, and enjoy time with friends and family in the stunning surroundings. Unfortunately, there are still no camping facilities at Tolmer Falls, but there are numerous ways you can enjoy everything on offer in just one day.

Tolmer Falls is a must-visit spot if you’re exploring the Litchfield National Park. It is a prime example of the incredible natural beauty this part of Australia has on offer.

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