Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

Litchfield Park Rd, Litchfield Park, Northern Territory 0822

Found just to the south of Darwin, Litchfield National Park sprawls out in a picturesque display of cascading waterfalls, crystal clear swimming holes, and intriguing termite mounds.

Wangi Falls

Amongst it all, there are some incredibly historical sites and stunning natural scenery, like the impressive sandstone Tabletop Range, and the lush greenery of monsoon rainforests.

There are plenty of things to get stuck into while you’re in the park, regardless of whether you’re looking to enjoy the wildlife, the stunning views, or more adventurous pursuits.

Things to Do in Litchfield National Park

  • Go for a Swim

    There are numerous spring-fed waterfalls that are dotted around the park, including Florence and Wangi Falls which boast crystal clear swimming holes at the base of their majestic waterfalls. As well as Florence and Wangi, other popular hotspots include Buley Rockhole, which boasts a three-tiered waterfall that’s shadowed by lush rainforest, and Tolmer Falls, with its own viewing platform and rare bat colonies.

  • Walks and Hiking

    Tabletop Track

    Like most of the national parks in Australia, Litchfield has plenty of hiking routes for you to explore. Each one takes you on a different adventure through the lush scenery, exposing you to the eclectic selection of wildlife on offer and a range of incredible landscapes.

    Take the Tabletop Track and marvel at the views from the impressive sandstone cliff face, stroll along the boardwalk on the Walker Creek Walk, passing by lush ancient plant life, and take in the waterfalls on Wangi Falls Walk and Tolmer Falls Walk.

  • Magnetic Termite Mounds

    Perhaps the most popular site in Litchfield National Park are the incredible magnetic termite mounds. These impressive feats of nature soar metres skyward, forming homes for the local termites that have slaved away building the sculptures.

  • Get to Know the Military Cemetery

    As well as an array of great landscapes to enjoy, Litchfield National Park also has a rich military history which can be explored via a series of historic sites. Check out the Adelaide River‘s Railway Station and the Adelaide River War Cemetery while in the vicinity to learn more about how this part of the region’s history helped shape it into the place it is today.

Litchfield National Park is one of Darwin’s most visited attractions, drawing in visitors from near and far. As well as a stunning landscape made up of all sorts of scenes and a mesmerising collection of waterfalls, there are plenty of walks to take and a fascinating history to uncover while you’re there.

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