Mataranka Thermal Pool

642 Homestead Rd, Mataranka, Northern Territory 0852

Visiting the fabulous town of Darwin? Seen everything there is to see? Mataranka Thermal Pool is one of them, found in the small town of Mataranka.

Mataranka Thermal Pool

It’s some of the best sights are found hours away from the Darwin City centre.

What are the Mataranka Hot Springs?

The hot springs are a series of natural pools, crystal clear blue in colour, with the ability to heal a visitor’s aches and pains. The pools are found in the thick bushland of the region, home to palm trees, waterfalls, and plenty of unique wildlife.

  • Bitter Springs Thermal Pools

    Bitter Springs Thermal Pool

    The deep thermal pools of the bitter springs are a peaceful retreat within the thick greenery. The springs are found only a breath away from the Mataranka Falls, with plenty of walking tracks scattered around the pool. Sink deep into the refreshing waters as you listen to the nearby cascading trickle of water.

  • Mataranka Thermal Springs

    The crystal blue spring waters of the has a volume of 30.5 million litres of water, with the plumping pumping in more water every day. This water comes straight from the Daly and Georgina basins, which turns up the temperature of the pool up to about 34 degrees. Soak your aches away as you simmer in this stunning pool.

  • Botanic Walk

    The Elsey National Park has an abundance of wildlife hidden within. Each walking trail weave through the bushland, offering perfect views of the unique plant life and natural wonders. The Botanic Walk is located along the Roper River, promising an informative trek with informational signs, picnic spots, and benches along the way. You can even set up camp along the path, to really immerse yourself in the natural scenery. Other activities including fishing, canoeing, and swimming are offered nearby to fill your weekend with exceptional fun.

  • Mataranka Falls

    Hop into the river that weaves around this natural bushland and let the current gently push you towards the Mataranka Falls. The push of the current lets you slowly drift through the landscape, letting you see the bushland from an entirely different perspective. The cascading water that flows into the thermal pool creates natural spa treatment. With the waters bubbling similar to a hot tub. Even if you are over swimming, you can still marvel at the waterfall from dry land.

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