Why You Should Visit the Adelaide River?

Why You Should Visit the Adelaide River?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/03/2018

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Take to the waters of Adelaide River to discover the hidden gems of Darwin and experience some unforgettable moments.

It rises in Litchfield National Park and winds north-east to Van Diemens Gulf. Flowing through Darwin, the river offers you an incredible view of the Australian bushland. Keep your eyes peeled for the astonishing array of flora and fauna amidst this ancient scenery.

The Animals and plants of the Adelaide River

The river is overflowing with wildlife whether it’s swimming within the waters or floating along the banks. The Northern Territory has around 1,500 species of native plants, with 400 species of birds, 300 reptiles, 150 mammals, 50 frogs, 60 species of freshwater fish. Cruising down the river gives you a perfect vantage point to spot these natives. Popular creatures to spot are the kangaroos, bull sharks, white-bellied sea eagles, wild buffalo, and the famous saltwater crocodile.

The Saltwater crocodiles of the Adelaide River

The river’s ancient beasts are the largest living reptiles in the world, growing to up to five to seven metres long, depending on their gender. There are around 80,000 flooding the river, with more crocs roaming these waterways than ever been before in the Northern Territory. It is the king of the river, with its ancestors living here since 250 million years ago. Although they are huge creatures, they can easily sneak up on you. Their thick scaly green-brown skin blends into the water, camouflaging them completely until they leap for their prey. They are also surprisingly fast once in the water, speeding along with their large muscular tail propelling them.

How to see the Wildlife

Due to the danger of crocs, the safest way to see the wildlife is to join an Adelaide river cruise. These tours let you float down the river, discovering the array of wild natives along the way. The ‘Jumping crocodile’ tours offer you a chance to see the famous crocs up close and personal in a safe environment. Learn about these magnificent creatures as they leap from the waters just metres away, to catch their lunch for the day. After seeing the crocs splash around, you will head to the Window on the Wetlands as well as the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve. Here you can discover more about the wetland’s ecosystem, marvelling at the unique beauty of Darwin.

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