What do you wear to Litchfield National Park?

What do you wear to Litchfield National Park?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/09/2023

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Litchfield is home to beautiful waterfalls, swimming holes, and huge termite mounds.

Litchfield is a beautiful national park about an hour and a half drive from Darwin. As you’re packing for Litchfield, it can be hard to know exactly what to pack and what clothing to wear. Here’s a quick guide on what to wear and some additional items to bring.

Light clothing

Ideally, you will want to have breathable and light clothing. This will include t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, and long pants. Dresses and skirts are also a great option if you plan to just do some light walking around Litchfield.

Good footwear

If you plan to do some walking trails, it’d be ideal to have good sturdy walking shoes. But if you plan to have more of a leisurely day, then you’re welcome to wear shoes for comfort and something easy to take off to go for a swim.

Bathers (obviously!)

When you visit Litchfield, you’ll want to do some swimming at the waterfalls or plunge pools. So, bringing some bathers will be something you’ll want to pack or wear under your clothes. You might want to bring a towel too!

Extra items to bring to Litchfield

Sunscreen is extremely important all year round. You should try to have a 50+ SPF and reapply every two hours or after being in the water.

As you’re walking around Litchfield, insect repellent will become your best friend.

Bringing your own refillable water bottle will come in handy as you’re likely to be spending the majority of the day in the sun.

Wearing a hat is a must when in Litchfield. Try to wear a brimmed hat, but really any will do.

Sunglasses are a must to wear while in Litchfield. You’ll still be able to see without the glaring sun in your eyes, and it’s additional protection from the sun.

Now you’ve checked off what to wear (and to bring) for your trip to Litchfield, here are a few fun places to go in the area.

Magnetic Termite Mound

Come visit these giant termite mounds in Litchfield. Some of these termite mounds are around two to four metres high and some are up to 100 years old!

Swimming spots

If you’re looking for a swim, some great places at Litchfield are Buley Rockhole, Wangi Falls, and Florence Falls. You’ll be glad that you brought your bathers when you just see these relaxing plunge pools to swim in.

Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls is one of the most incredible waterfalls you’ll see in Litchfield. It’s about 42 metres high and drops straight into a plunge pool. Unlike the other waterfalls, you can’t swim at Tolmer Falls.

Walking trails

There are a lot of walking trails in Litchfield, and most lead you to an incredible attraction like a waterfall. This is when you’ll need to have good walking shoes to help support yourself.

With the right clothing worn, you can happily enjoy Litchfield. If you don’t have a car to drive there, ensure you book a tour! You’ll get picked up from Darwin and go down to Litchfield for the day.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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