Is Mataranka hot springs free?

Is Mataranka hot springs free?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/20/2022

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Found in the Northern Territory near Katherine, the Mataranka hot springs are perfect for visitors who want to relax.

Source: Tourism NT

Mataranka is just over an hour’s drive from Katherine, in Elsey National Park. The hot springs are one of the two natural thermal pools in the park. And good news for those who want to visit, the Mataranka hot springs are free to enter! However, from April 3rd 2023 visitors will have to pay to swim in Mataranka hot springs. The water of the hot springs is clear and very warm all year round, with the water being about 34 degrees Celsius all year. The hot springs are also known as the Mataranka Thermal Pool.

Mataranka hot springs walk

Before you take a swim in the hot springs, take a 20 minute walk to the pool. The walk is an easy one and suited for most people. It’s a great way to get a little workout before relaxing in the warm waters.

Bitter Springs

This is the second natural thermal pool in Elsey National Park. The waters are just as clear and stunning as the Mataranka Thermal Pool. There is also a 20 minute walk to the Bitter Springs perfect as a workout before taking a swim.


The small town is right near Elsey National Parks which has the thermal pools. Mataranka also became famous from the book We of the Never Never written by Jeannie Gunn. There is so much to do and see in the small town besides swimming in the pools. View the art of the Traditional custodians of the Mataranka and Roper River areas in the Stockyard Gallery.

Elsey National Park

The national park is about 10 minutes from Mataranka. Elsey National Park isn’t just known for its warm pools. The park is popular for boating and fishing too. There are plenty of spots to fish on land along the Roper River. There are also walks through the park. One of the popular walks is the World War II Aboriginal Army Camp. This walk is about 30 minutes and allows you to explore the area and learn its history. To get a glimpse into the past, check out the Old Mataranka Sheep Dip.

At the start of the walk, there is an information board explaining more about the sheep dip. This walk is just under 10 minutes long. Before you plan your visit to Elsey National Park, ensure the park isn’t closed. Elsey National Park can close suddenly due to fires or flooding throughout the year.

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