Can you do Litchfield in a day?

Can you do Litchfield in a day?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/25/2022

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Filled with waterfalls and waterholes, Litchfield is perfect for a day’s trip from Darwin.

Yes! Of course you can do Litchfield in a day. There will be some things you miss out on doing if you only have one day. But you can easily prioritise what you want to do and knock out some of the main attractions!

Litchfield is located about an hour and half drive from Darwin in the Northern Territory. You can visit by yourself or join a tour to explore the best locations of the national park with a knowledgeable local guide.

Be aware some of the falls, creeks and rockholes can be closed due to saltwater crocodiles making their home in the water during the wet season. No need to worry though, the park rangers ensure there are no crocodiles before reopening!

Wangi Falls

There are many falls to visit while in Litchfield. One of the most well-known is Wangi Falls which is a perfect spot to cool off and relax. This is also a great location to set up a picnic or to have a barbeque for lunch!

The Lost City

The park rangers recommend only experienced four-wheel drivers to drive along this track to The Lost City due to the narrow passages and domes. The Lost City is about the size of a small town and almost looks like the ruins of an old city. It was formed by nature over thousands of years due to rain and wind. You are even able to touch a sandstone wall, said to be over 500 million years old!

Magnetic Termite Mounds

As you can guess, these are termite mounds. But they are up to 100 years old and are massive. You can get up close to the thinner, two-metre-tall termite mounds and the four-metre-tall cathedral termite mounds.

Walker Creek Walk

Estimated to take about two hours to complete, the Walker Creek walk is about 3.5 kilometres. Along your walk, you can see how clear the water is, and even swim in parts of the creek. While walking you can try to spot some local wildlife or just listen out to the birds chirping. There are about 169 species of animals found in the area.

Buley Rockhole

We recommend visiting Buley Rockhole as your last stop after you have explored Litchfield for the day. Or just stay here all day for a relaxing, refreshing day in the cool water.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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