Is it worth going to Darwin?

Is it worth going to Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/19/2020

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Darwin, the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory, a true tourist gem amidst the natural landscape of the red region.

Jam-packed with countless attractions and activities, the wonders of Darwin are truly worth the visit! Here are our top reasons why you need to pop Darwin on your bucket list!

  • 1. Litchfield National Park

    One of the best highlights of Darwin is when you drive out south for a day to visit the nearby national park. Litchfield National Park is truly a natural paradise, home to extraordinary waterfalls, rocky scenery, and unique wildlife. Making for a memorable bush day out in the Australian landscape! Make sure to bring your bathers to this day, with the mesmerising plunge pools are truly worth the dip into to cool off from the blistering sun of the region!

  • 2. See Croc!

    Seeing the deadly Saltwater Crocodiles of Australia is both a frightening and fascinating sight to see! Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove is the area’s home base for crocs, with large enclosures for crocs of all shapes and ages! One of the best experiences here is the Cage of Death, which allows visitors to dip into the crocodile enclosure in a completely clear case, letting you float along with the crocs as they brush right past you! If you’d rather see these animals in the wild, hop on the city’s Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River! Letting you cruise down the river and see the magnificent creatures roaming about and jumping out of the water for the boat’s croc treats!

  • 3. Deckchair Cinema

    Enjoy a sprinkle of stars to go with your movie at Darwin’s outdoor show at the Deckchair Cinema. Allowing you to enjoy the hot summer nights with a blockbuster film as you spread out on the soft grass. It’s nearby the harbour’s edge, so the sunset is truly spectacular here! Enjoy the cinema’s snacks and drinks on offer, or just bring your snacks for the night!

  • 4. Darwin’s Underground

    After the bombing raid of Darwin, an underground network of tunnels was built beneath the city. Used primarily to store oil and other inflammables. However, they were never completed before the end of the war and were boarded up to be forgotten. Then in 1992, the city reopened these historic tunnels for visitors to discover these spooky underpasses. Head to the entrance on Kitchener Drive and discover these fascinating channels!

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