Where can I see jumping crocs in Darwin?

Where can I see jumping crocs in Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/15/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

It’s incredible watching large crocodiles jumping out of the water right beside you.

The world quickly goes around about seeing jumping crocodiles in Darwin! Well, technically crocodiles can’t jump but you can see them come out of the water reaching for some food.

To see these jumping crocodiles, you’ll need to head down to Adelaide River for the jumping croc cruise. It is about an hour’s drive, but you can book a tour for the morning or afternoon cruise.

How can I get to the jumping crocs?

You can get to the jumping crocs from Darwin by driving, booking a tour, pre booking a taxi or Uber, and other transfer options. The drive down to the cruise is about an hour from Darwin.

You can book a morning or afternoon tour for the jumping crocs, making it suitable for anyone to do. The crocs are active at both times, so there’s no worry about deciding which one will be better! You’ll be seeing the crocs jump out from the water to get their snacks.

What can I expect to see on the cruise?

Aside from seeing the spectacular saltwater crocodiles jumping out of the water, there is much other wildlife to see on the cruise. A popular one that gets spoken about a lot is the white bellied sea eagle. You usually see these eagles up high flying above the trees or sitting up in the trees. Sometimes they may even swoop down close to the boat.

You might have a chance to see freshwater crocodiles, bull sharks, and black fruit bats. In the waters, you might even see endangered animals like the speartooth shark and largetooth sawfish.

It’s a bit of a mystery what you can see when on the cruise, but there is a high chance you will be seeing a handful of crocodiles.

What should I bring?

As the cruise is only an hour long, you don’t need to be bringing a lot with you. We recommend bringing a hat, sunglasses, and your phone (or camera!). You should also slap on some sunscreen before the cruise so it’s one less thing to bring with you.

Watching the crocodiles jump out of the water next to you is an exhilarating experience. This is the closest (and safest) way to get face to face with these giant animals. Each cruise will include two staff members so there isn’t anything to worry about when the crocs start jumping out from the water.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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