Things to do in Katherine – Darwin

Things to do in Katherine – Darwin

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/16/2016

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Katherine marks the spot where the stark Australian Outback meets the tropics. Set near the bustling City of Darwin, it offers a selection of activities that range from seriously adventurous pursuits to relaxing endeavours set against beautiful backdrops.

As well as stunning scenery to admire, the region is home to several fun festivals throughout the year. There is also an extensive collection of art galleries and museums.

Here are some of the best things to do in Katherine:

  • Get Adventurous

    The great outdoors is a huge draw when it comes to Katherine. With a beautiful landscape, the area is home to numerous adrenaline-pumping pursuits that take place under the warmth of the Australian sun.

    Hop on the Ghan train for a memorable ride! Or, hit the skies and take a spectacular flight over Katherine Gorge. Alternatively, you can go wildlife spotting and catch a glimpse of the local birds and animals. Swim in the collection of thermal springs, and dip into cascading waterfall pools. When the sun begins to set, you can take a cruise along the river or head out on a canoe for a more intimate voyage.

  • Katherine Low Level Nature Park

    Set along the banks of the picturesque Katherine River, this nature park is home to numerous species of native wildlife, as well as a popular dry-season swimming hole where you can take a refreshing dip in the beautiful thermal pools. There are plenty of hiking trails to enjoy here, too, as well impressive plant and tree species to admire.

  • Get Cultural

    Katherine is a hugely cultural area home to some of the most fascinating Aboriginal heritage in the country. At the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre, you can watch videos of locals sharing their stories and traditions and wander around a stunning collection of art works.

    At the pivotal Katherine Museum, you can admire the original Gypsy Moth biplane. Plus, scour the Katherine Gorge Nitmiluk collection of vintage trucks, historic photographs, and documents from the region.

  • Explore Like a Local

    Get to know Katherine by visiting one of the many festivals that take place there throughout the year. Stop by music concerts, the gold rush festival, rodeo events, and the annual canoe marathon. If you miss them, you can always head to the community market to get a taste of local life. Or, pick up a souvenir at one of the many artisan shops.

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