Highlights of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Highlights of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/29/2016

Reading time: 2 mins

Darwin boasts a fascinating history that imbues the streets and the colourful attractions it offers its visitors.

If you’re looking to deep-dive into that history, hotfoot it to the Museum and Art Gallery of the North Territory, where you can find the past of the region packaged up in a series of interactive exhibits and interesting displays.

Here are some of the highlights of the Museum and Art Gallery

  • 1. Sweetheart the Crocodile

    It might seem like a strange name for a croc, but Sweetheart is one of the museum’s best exhibits. He is a large saltwater crocodile that played a huge part in the recent history of the Northern Territory.

    Made famous in the 1970s, Sweetheart was known for attacking dinghies at a nearby Darwin fishing spot. No one was hurt but, after the attacks increased, Sweetheart was caught in a trap. Unfortunately he drowned in the process of moving him. He was then presented to the museum, where he was put on display.

  • 2. The Natural Sciences Collections

    As such a diverse part of Australia, the Northern Territory boasts an eclectic selection of natural wonders. In the museum, you can browse exhibits showing specimens from the centre to the tropical north, including huge whales, tiny insects and everything in between.

  • 3. Cyclone Tracy Commemoration

    The commemoration of Cyclone Tracy opened 40 years after the natural disaster. It ruined thousands of homes and lives around the Northern Territory. It presents a selection of interactive displays and images that show how the natural disaster affected the region and the people that lived there.

  • 4. Indigenous Art and Rock Art

    Elsewhere in the museum, there are plenty of displays that show indigenous art from Darwin and its surrounding regions. There is also one of the largest exhibits of Northern Territory rock art on display, giving visitors the chance to delve deep into the ancient history of the region.

  • 5. Maritime History

    Darwin was once an important part of Australia’s maritime industry. At the museum you can see the fascinating impact it had on the city and its surrounds. Here, you can browse displays of images and interactive stories that showcase what Darwin was like during its maritime days and how it has made it the city it is today.

Darwin is full of history and culture. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is the perfect place to discover it all.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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