Jumping Crocodiles Tour Open from August

Jumping Crocodiles Tour Open from August

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/07/2020

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The current Covid-19 outbreak has caused devastating effects on the world today. Halting normal day to day activities and most tourism within Australia. However, due to the Northern Territory government easing their restrictions, some tours are able to open to the public.

This includes Darwin’s Jumping Crocodile Tour, one of the most popular activity’s in the region.

About the Crocodiles

The Saltwater Crocodiles are known as one of the deadliest creatures in the world. Being the biggest and oldest existing reptiles around. Found in the murky waters of Adelaide river, these creatures can be seen swimming through the water, or sunbaking on the riverbanks. These reptiles can reach up to 7 meters in length, built with thick skin and plenty of muscles to move through the water sharply.

About the Cruise

One of the most popular activities along the Adelaide River is the jumping crocodile spotting. Letting visitors witness the feeding activity this tour has to offer. Hop on a small boat and venture down the river, spotting the wildlife of the river and hearing the history and facts on the area. The cruises run with only a few people on board, so it is perfectly safe during COVID times. Giving you an intimate experience with the crocodiles and guides while exploring the region.

The famous food routine called “crocodile jumping” allows visitors to see these massive creatures up close and personal. With the professional guides setting up a crocodile size snack on the end of a hanging stick right off the boat. They dangle the treat a metre or two above the water’s surface and wait for the nearby crocs to approach. Due to their strong tail, these creatures are able to leap from the water and snatch the meat off the stick. Allowing visitors and complete look at their massive size when they jump from the murky water.

Why you should choose this Tour

This cruise not only lets you see these crocs up close but also does it in a sustainable approach. Aiming to keep a low-impact approach on both the environment and the crocodiles. They feed only a small amount to the reptiles, making sure that these animals continue to hunt for the remainder of their food. As well, with their payments from tickets, the cruise maintains the environment of the river by supporting the animals and plants that live there. During the tour, you’ll get free cold drinks to enjoy while you hear the passionate staff discuss the area’s most beloved animals and plants, giving you a better understanding of this unforgettable scenery.

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