What day trips can you do from Darwin?

What day trips can you do from Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/18/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Darwin has earned its rightful place as one of Australia’s most desired travel destinations in recent years, largely due to the wealth of incredible trips you can take from the city!

Darwin is heaps of fun in itself, sure, with the stunning open air markets and top end festivities making the city a truly vibrant place to find yourself, but, let’s face it – it is what’s awaiting you outside the city proper that truly gets the excitement pumping.

There are two legendary day trips you can take from Darwin, with the unmistakable Kakadu and Litchfield national parks offering some of Australia’s most enriching travel experiences!

So, let’s not wait any longer, what unforgettable experiences can be enjoyed in these two world famous national parks, and why have they so easily put Darwin on the Aussie travel map?

Let’s find out below:

Kakadu National Park

If you’ve been there you’ll agree, if you’re soon to, well, you’re sure to find out – there is nowhere else on Earth like Kakadu National Park. This sprawling prehistoric wonderland encapsulates everything that makes Australia such a beautiful and fascinating continent, with its sandstone peaks, fertile valleys, ancient Indigenous rock art and abundant wildlife making it one of the most sought-after national parks in all of the world.

You can easily enjoy a day trip to Kakadu, mind you it will only be a Kakadu “lite” adventure, as there is simply so much to experience here that one day sadly won’t be enough!

But, if you only have one day, you will still have a ripper good time, choosing to partake in the likes of a Yellow Water croc-spotting cruise, Nourlangie shelter rock art expedition, Gunlom Falls and plunge pool swim or a combo of a couple of them.

Either way, you’ll certainly find yourself wanting to come back for a whole lot more…

Litchfield National Park

Whilst not as famous as its much larger neighbour Kakadu, Litchfield offers a more compact and equally-unforgettable day trip experience. What makes Litchfield truly spectacular is its world famous water holes – all perfectly lush Top End spots to cool off from what can be rather oppressive heat.

Other than that, be sure to check out the uber eerie termite mounds, but we advise against leaning on them – termites make them from all kinds of grotty materials!


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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