How to get from Darwin to Litchfield National Park?

How to get from Darwin to Litchfield National Park?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/07/2023

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Litchfield is one of the territory’s favourite national parks. The park has luxurious waterfalls and waterholes.

There aren’t a lot of ways to get to Litchfield. You can either drive an hour from Darwin or you can book a tour. When you book a tour, you’ll have a tour guide taking you to a few attractions and telling you some interesting facts. There is a one day tour to Litchfield from Darwin which is an exciting day.

Let’s jump into the details of what this sensational tour involves!

Adelaide River

On the way to Litchfield, you make a quick stop at Adelaide River. The river is the home to the exciting Jumping Crocodile Cruise. The cruise is over an hour long and you’ll be able to see the crocodiles jump out of the water! On the cruise, you’ll also get the chance to see other wildlife like white-bellied sea eagles and bull sharks.

After the cruise, you’ll then go to Fogg Dam Conservation Centre. Fogg Dam is a nice area to see the wetlands and spot more wildlife.

Termite mounds

These are some of the largest termite mounds you’ll see! Some of the termite mounds are four metres high and over 100 years old. You can see these when you walk along the boardwalk and get closer to them. It’s also a great photo opportunity.

Plunge pools

The Litchfield plunge pools are refreshing to swim in Buley Rockhole is one of the popular pools to swim in. This pool is great after you’ve explored Litchfield and are ready to cool down and relax.

Or your tour guide will take you to Wangi Falls. The Wangi Falls area is perfect for picnics where you can watch the waterfall. The Wangi Falls plunge pool is also very nice to swim in on a hot day. There is a lot of greenery and tall trees making the plunge pool cool to swim in.

Some of the plunge pools can be closed during the year because of the weather. We recommend checking online to see if they’re open!

Walking trails

You can do a few long or short walks when in Litchfield to see the surrounding areas. Your tour guide will take you on a walk to see some lookout points. From these lookout points, you can see Tolmer Falls or Florence Falls. When you’re doing the walk to the lookout points, you’ll be able to hear and see some beautiful colourful birds.

Once you’ve finished exploring Litchfield, you’ll start heading back towards Darwin. With the Northern Territory’s weather being unpredictable, your tour might have a different itinerary.

Cameron Ward
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