How to Enjoy the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

How to Enjoy the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/27/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

Looking for a day amongst the greenery? The George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens is just two kilometres outside the bustling inner centre of Darwin.

Being the perfect spot to set up shop for the afternoon to enjoy the perfectly manicured tropical plant species.

The History of the Botanic Gardens

Darwin Botanic Gardens

Stretching out 42 hectares of land, the botanical gardens have been around for more than 130 years. Dating back to 1886, the greenery was established to introduce and evaluate plants for the new City of Darwin. Over the years the gardens have blossomed into a fantastic tourist attraction, with a range of wildlife both native and international. Being the home to many ancient plants and unique animals, nestled right along with the coastal spot of Darwin. Being so close to the coast, the George Brown botanic gardens is the only botanic gardens with the marine and estuarine plants growing naturally.

What to Do at the Botanic Gardens

  • Wander through the Greenery

    There is plenty to see and do at this tropical wonderland, with the Darwin Botanic Gardens filled to the brim with attractions and activities for the whole family. The best way to start off on this bushland adventure is by taking a stroll through walking trails weaving about. See the beautiful ancient forest parts, the coastal dunes, mangrove fields, and open grass regions. With more than 400 species to see in the region, you won’t be short on walking tracks to discover. There are even a couple waterfalls and ponds hidden about, where you can kick back and relax by for an afternoon break!

  • Take a Tour

    You don’t have to wander around yourself to discover the region’s greatest treasures, with professional tours available for anyone interested. Simply let the staff stroll you around the gardens and learn about the indigenous uses of the local plants which have remained a huge part of Aboriginal life throughout the centuries. As well, discover the other exotic plantlife hidden about, with their interesting history of how they came to this country. As you wander, you will get a chance to see the animals roaming about as well, from birdlife to reptiles to even a couple of mammals if you are lucky!

  • Have a Coffee at the Café

    Once you’ve strolled through the rainforest region, you most likely will be craving a refuel. Luckily the nearby Eva’s Café is located right inside the historic Wesleyan Church, which is found in the botanic gardens. Here you can enjoy a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee as well as a mountain of treats to choose from.

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