How far are the Mataranka springs from Darwin?

How far are the Mataranka springs from Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/12/2024

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Give yourself a few hours and relax in the warm clear waters of Mataranka Hot Springs.

It is a bit of a trip to reach Mataranka Springs from Darwin, being over a four-hour drive in total. The Mataranka Springs is closer to Katherine, being just over an hour’s drive.

The best way to get to Mataranka Springs is by car, which you can hire if needed. There are also tours available from Darwin to Alice Springs that include the Mataranka Hot Springs.

What to do in Mataranka Springs

You will likely want to be swimming about in the thermal pools and relaxing, but here are a few things you can do in the area.

Mataranka Thermal Pool

Mataranka Hot Springs
Of course, the main thing to do here is take a dip in the Mataranka Hot Springs. The thermal pools are crystal clear with a sandy bottom and surrounded by tall palm trees. The natural pools are very warm all year round, making it a great place to relax.

Mataranka Hot Springs walk
To reach the warm waters of the hot springs, there is a short 20-minute walk to reach the pools. The walk is overall rather easy and you will walk through the Livistona palm trees.

Mataranka is the closest town to the thermal pools and is right by Elsey National Park. The small town also has the Stockyard Gallery, grab a bite to eat in a cafe, and join a tour at Territory Manor and learn about the barramundis.

Bitter Springs

Bitter Springs
Another option for a thermal pool aside from Mataranka, is Bitter Springs. Similar to Mataranka Springs, Bitter Springs has a sandy bottom, crystal clear waters, and is surrounded by palm trees.

Elsey National Park
Elsey National Park is known for its thermal pools and is also a popular area for fishing and boating. On land and along Roper River are the best spots to go fishing here.

To see even more of the national park, there are plenty of walks including the 30-minute World War II Aboriginal Army Camp walk.

You will need to purchase an NT park pass to enter Elsey National Park which is where the Mataranka Springs are. You can only buy the park pass online and you should do it before you enter the national park.

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