Getting to Know the Darwin Botanical Gardens

Getting to Know the Darwin Botanical Gardens

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/28/2017

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The Darwin Botanical Gardens are set just two kilometres outside the hustle and bustle of Darwin’s City centre, making them an easy and pretty place to escape the crowds.

While there, you can wander through 42 hectares of tropical plant species and colourful flowers.

The gardens have been an important part of Darwin for over a century, and are now home to a collection of fascinating ancient species. Awe at an impressive canopy of rain trees and tall, exotic palms. Once there, it’s easy to combine the visit with a trip down to the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. A morning trip here is the perfect way to start a Darwin day!

In addition, the gardens are one of the only in the world that naturally-grown marine and estuarine plants. Inside the Plant Display House, there is a huge collection of tropical orchids, bromeliads, and other vibrant species.

How the Darwin Botanical Gardens Came to Be

For more than a century, the gardens have provided a home for exciting plants. Since 1886, they have been a safe haven for introducing and evaluating plants.

Today, the Darwin Botanical Gardens form a hugely popular visitor attraction while remaining and important part of Darwin’s scientific scene. The species on show have weathered many metaphorical and real storms, including cyclones and wildfires, and the destruction of World War II.

What You Can Do at the Darwin Botanical Gardens

Wander through the impressive monsoon forests on show. Get lost among coastal dunes. Or, marvel at the sprawling mangrove fields and open woodlands. These are just some of the Australian landscapes on show, but there are plenty of other scenes to discover, too.

With more than 400 species of palms alone in the rainforest gully, there is plenty to keep you busy. Remember to visit the pretty waterfalls and picturesque ponds too.

You can take a guided tour of the gardens,where you can learn all sorts of weird and wonderful facts about the plants on show. Learn about how they were used by Indigenous tribes. Or, how they survive the changing landscape of Australia.

The onsite café serves delicious cakes and there are a number of BBQ hotspots dotted around for you to enjoy, too. In the Eco House, art lovers can admire the designated gallery, while more adventurous visitors can take a Segway tour around the grounds.

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