Films Shot in Darwin

Films Shot in Darwin

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/29/2020

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If you’ve ever been to Darwin, it’s easy to see why so many films have been shot here.

Darwin has it all, a great bustling CBD, amazing panoramic scenery, nearby beaches and one of the lushest rainforests. We can’t figure out why all movies aren’t filmed here!

There are plenty of independent and classic Australian films which have been shot in Darwin, but you might not know that some of Australia’s biggest international blockbusters were also filmed in the Northern Territory.

  • Crocodile Dundee

    Is there any Australian film more famous than Crocodile Dundee? The classic film follows the adventures of Mick Dundee as he traverses New York City for the first time.

    Many of the iconic rainforest scenes were filmed in the Kakadu National Park located just a short drive from Darwin city. The park became so famous following the premiere of this movie, there used to be Crocodile Dundee tours through the park!

    However, the film that many visitors know and love is different from the one seen in Australia! The original film had so many scenes using Australian slang that the directors felt international audiences wouldn’t understand what was being said. So, a second version was released internationally with less slang terms to avoid confusion.

    The film is credited with attracting Americans to Australia and helping to boost Australian international tourism.

  • Australia

    Sitting just behind Crocodile Dundee in Australian film history is Australia. The 2008 film follows a love story across the Australian outback during World War II. The film includes a lot os significant historical events including the bombing of Darwin.

    When visiting Darwin, you might not recognise all of the city, that’s because much (but not all) of the movie was filmed in other parts of the Northern Territory. Darwin city had grown so much and become so modern that it’s CBD couldn’t be used for this period drama!

    However, the events discussed in the film are very real. Visiting Darwin you can feel and see the city’s military history. Learn about the base that was one there and the devastation the bombings caused. Go inside the underground areas built following the bombing to protect fuel supplies and residents. For the best understanding of this time, head to the Darwin Military Museum.

  • Top End Wedding

    Though a relatively new film, Top End Wedding is an absolute joy of a film. Shot in the Northern Territory the film features Darwin, Kakadu National Park and the nearby Tiwi Island. The film is beautifully shot and showcases some of the most beautiful regions surrounding Darwin, many of which you can visit on our tours!

    Darwin is such a unique and vibrant region that there is no wonder why so many Australian films have chosen to shoot here. If you’re a budding photographer or wanting to make a truly spectacular travel video during your trip Darwin and surrounds is the place to be.

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