Darwin lights up with city wide illuminated art

Darwin lights up with city wide illuminated art

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/01/2019

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Something new is lighting up Darwin this summer!

Running over six months, Darwin has a new city-wide exhibition coming. Bruce Munro: Tropical Light encourages visitors to embrace the Northern Territory’s tropical summer. The exhibition includes eight illuminated sculptures scattered across Darwin’s CBD.

A path of local artists works connect Munro’s sculptures, creating a 2.5km trail of art experiences. The free show is a perfect way to see the city of Darwin. Visitors are encouraged to walk the trail in the evening to see the works light up against the vivid tropical sky.  Using the free audio app, visitors can hear from Bruce Munro, the local artists and the Larrakia Nation. Together they discuss the art and their deep connection to Darwin’s land. Bruce Munro: Tropical Light is sure to be a culturally enlightening experience.

  • Munro in the Territory

    Munro, who is internationally known for his work with light, first visited the Red Centre in 1992. While camping at Uluru he had the idea for an artwork that would see lights bloom like seeds fertilised by rain. Ten years later he first voiced his desire to create the illuminated filed at Uluru. Twenty-four years after first conceiving the idea, Field of Light opened at Uluru in 2016. The exhibitions resounding success lead to the commissioning of this second exhibition for the territory’s capital.

    Designed specifically for the streets of Darwin, the sculptures activate outdoor areas throughout the city. The bring light and life to often forgotten alcoves. The eight works have formed Munros largest city-wide exhibition in Australia. Each of the sculptures reflects a memory or experience from Munro’s time visiting Darwin. Five of the eight sculptures are new works specifically for this exhibition. Each work connects the visitor to experiences unique to Darwin and the Territory. The reflect the nuances and joy of living in the Top End.

  • Local artists

    Five local artists have worked to provide supporting works for the exhibition. the group ranges from photographers, to recycle artists, and experimental multimedia experts. They each created a bespoke installation reflecting their own love for Darwin’s tropical wet season. The artists were selected from a pool of local creators from around the state. Each has worked tirelessly to create bespoke works for the event. The pieces reflect their own artistic styles but fit seamlessly to the feel and emotion of Munros work.

    Don’t fear Darwin’s tropical summer. It provides so many spectacular sights and experiences not available during the dry season. Run through the warm afternoon rain, relax on the deck and watch as lighting brings the sky to life. Or take a trip to see the rushing waterfalls in surrounding national parks.

Bruce Munro: Tropical Light is sure to delight! The incredible work will ignite your imagination and help you fall in love with Darwin’s tropical summer. The exhibition is running from November 2019 to April 2020. Book your tickets today and get ready to experience Darwin like never before!

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