Bitter Springs: What to Know Before You Go

Bitter Springs: What to Know Before You Go

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/22/2024

Reading time: 2 mins

Relax in a peaceful thermal pool surrounded by the lush forest in the Northern Territory.

Bitter Springs is one of the beautiful thermal pools located in Esley National Park, a four hour drive from Darwin. The crystal clear pool contains thermal spring water that maintains about 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Use the stairs and handrails that lead you down into the clear water and feel the instant warmth.

Best time to visit

You can enjoy the beautifully warm thermal pool all year round, but perhaps the best time to visit is during the dry season. During this time of year, the Territory experiences cooler early mornings and late nights, making the pool the best spot to warm up.

Bitter Springs walk

Bitter Springs is easily accessible via the short Bitter Springs walk from the car park. The easy 500 metre loop takes about 20 minutes. It is suitable for most people, including those with prams or in wheelchairs.

Where to stay near Bitter Springs

There are a few accommodation options nearby Bitter Springs where you can stay.

  • Bitter Springs Cabins

A short and easy walk to the thermal pool, Bitter Springs Cabins offers comfortable accommodation with friendly staff.

The cabins sleep up to five people, or if you have your own setup, there are the powered campgrounds. The campground includes water, showers, toilets, laundry, and a kitchen. Pets are also welcome here but not inside the cabins!

  • Territory Manor Motel & Caravan Park

Spend a weekend away at Territory Manor, just a short drive from the famous thermal pools. There are motel rooms and a caravan site along with a cafe, kitchen, and outdoor swimming pool for guests. There are pet friendly motel rooms available with an added fee, but these can only be booked over the phone.

Mataranka Thermal Pool

Another nearby attraction is the Mataranka Thermal Pool. Similar to Bitter Springs, this thermal pool has crystal clear water and warm water temperatures reaching 34 degrees Celsius.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, there is a 500 metre loop walk to the pool, with a chance to spot local wildlife like birds and reptiles.

Bitter Springs isn’t just loved by travellers from all over, but it’s also a favourite destination for Territorians. Keep in mind that the pool can be closed due to the weather conditions of the wet season.

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