Best photo spots in Darwin

Best photo spots in Darwin

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/15/2020

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Darwin is one of the most beautiful areas in Australia. It has some of the most picturesque locations in the country, with everything from stunning beaches to flowing waterfalls and just about everything in between!

Though we can’t go on a photography trip just yet, we hope these amazing places will inspire you to book your trip to the Northern Territory.

  • Mindil Beach Sunset Market

    Combine stunning orange sunsets with delightful artisans at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Your photos will glow with stunning golden light. There’s no need for a filter here with such stunning light there is no way you can take a bad photo!

    The Mindil Beach Markets run each Thursday night during the dry season and feature hundreds of stalls. Local traders flock to the markets to showcase their artisan wares, handmade fashion and delicious street eats.

    There’s plenty to photograph here, from the endless sprawl of bohemian stalls to the fantastic buskers hidden around each corner. Guide yourself on a food shoot across the globe with food trucks serving everything from curry to falafel.

    The Mindil Beach Sunset Market is the perfect place for the budding photographer to expand their portfolio and the Instagram influencer to capture that golden hour glow.

  • Nightcliff Foreshore

    Though swimming in uncontained beaches through Darwin is highly unrecommended, they are beautiful places to get photographs.

    Looking down the foreshore you’re treated to spectacular landscape views. The crashing ocean contrasts the barren shore to create a stunning image.

    Nightcliff is one of the best places to watch a wet season storm roll across the horizon. Capture the lightning dancing across the ocean, lighting up the sky. Tropical storms need to be seen to be believed but we promise you you will be awed by them!

    If planning to photograph during the wet season there are a few things we recommend. The most important is to look out for your safety. Wet season brings crocodiles to the shores in Darwin so you need to always obey signage and act croc safe. Additionally, do not enter the water. Crocodiles are incredibly good at camouflaging themselves, no photo is worth losing a leg.

    Secondly, be sure to protect your equipment! When it storms in Darwin the rain comes down hard and fast. It won’t take long for your gear to become water damaged to be sure to use gear protection and avoid using cameras when it is raining heavily.

  • Litchfield National Park

    Just a short drive from Darwin is the stunning Litchfield National Park. The almost never-ending expanse of tropical beauty is waiting for you to come to capture it.

    Nature photographers will be in heaven with plenty of wild animals and tropical habitats to enjoy. Take a walk to a waterfall and enjoy it crashing into pools below, or play the long game, silently waiting for a rare native animal to appear.

    However you choose to capture Litchfield National Park you’re sure to end up with some truly stunning photographs.

Darwin has an abundance of great areas for photography so be sure to bring your camera and get ready to take the pictures of a lifetime!

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