Visit the Beaches

Visit the Beaches in Darwin

When you think of Darwin, you might imagine a beautiful Australian outback, so it may surprise you that there are, in fact, beautiful beaches too!

Whoever said you couldn’t swim in Darwin couldn’t be more wrong! Not only are there plenty of swimming opportunities, but there are four patrolled beaches within 15 minutes of the CBD. No matter what type of beach you enjoy, there is one for you in Darwin.

  • Mindil Beach

    Mindil Beach is the place to be if you’re looking for the full beach package. Operating every Thursday and Sunday from April to October, the Mindil Beach Sunset Market is sure to impress. Taking its name from the Larrakia work ‘Min-deel’, it means sweet nut grass. A popular place to camp with its clear water and clean sand, the Mindil Beach has always been a place for social gathering. In 1987, the first Mindil market stall was opened, and the market has flourished ever since.

    Now hosting over 300 stalls and employing 1000 locals, the Mindil Beach Sunset Market is an unforgettable experience. Named as a national icon by the National Trust in 2000, the Mindil Beach Sunset Market is the perfect way to spend a spare evening in Darwin.

  • Vesteys Beach

    Though not as busy as its neighbour, Mindil Beach, Vesteys Beach is the largest beach in Darwin, spanning for 2.2km. With a 100m tide change and over 2kms of coastline, there is plenty of space for locals and visitors alike. Home to the Darwin powerboat, trailer boat, and sailing clubs, Vesteys is a haven for any boat lover. There are two large boat ramps to cater for the seafaring locals and plenty of boats to see moored in the shallows. If you’ve had enough of watching the boats, walk away from the clubhouse and you’ll come to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory at the opposite end of the beach!

    Vesteys Beach can be home to local sharks, jellyfish, and crocodiles so always check with local authorities to see if swimming is permitted.

  • Recreation Lagoon

    If you’re worried about some of Australia’s notoriously not-so-friendly wildlife, then Recreation Lagoon is for you. This man-made beach has a seawall specifically designed to keep nasty stingers and crocodiles out and is patrolled by lifeguards. Popular with locals and tourists alike, Recreation Lagoon is a go-to swimming spot when in Darwin. Its wall provides a stress-free beach experience, and lifeguards provide an extra level of safety. Not only is it patrolled and contained, but it also has all the amenities you could need throughout the day; toilets, shade, and a kiosk for all your ice-cream needs!

  • Wave Lagoon

    This might be a bit of a cheat, but Wave Lagoon is technically at a beach. This man-made wave pool provides swimmers with a safe environment to enjoy some choppy water. At ten -minute intervals you will be thrilled with the perfect boogie boarding swell. Capable of producing waves of up to 1.2metres, they run in cycles to create swell suitable for all level of swimmer from the experienced boogie boarder to toddlers.

    The Wave Lagoon is located at the Darwin waterfront next to the Recreation Lagoon and boasts many of the same facilities.

Grab your bathers, sunscreen, and towel because it’s time to go swimming. The most difficult part of swimming in Darwin is choosing which beach to go to!

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