Where are the Wangi Falls?

Where are the Wangi Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/11/2022

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The Wangi Falls are a breathtaking falls display in Litchfield National Park. This national park is found in the Top End of Australia. Litchfield boasts unbelievable scenery, rich indigenous history, and crystal-clear swimming holes to cool off in.

You can easily spend most of your day at Wangi Falls. The area is well serviced with a grassy area for a picnic, or alternatively a café opens at lunchtime serving hot and cold food. There are shaded outdoor areas and some gas barbeques. The Wangi Falls and the swimming hole are a short stroll from the carpark.

How to get to the Wangi Falls

Join a tour of Litchfield National Park and ensure you check the itinerary. Most tours will include a swim stop at Wangi Falls as it is a relatively easy spot to access.
If you are on a self-guided road trip, a drive from Darwin to Wangi Falls will take around an hour and a half on sealed roads. Doing the drive on your own means you can stay for as little or as long as you like.

Where else can you swim in Litchfield National Park?

The Wangi Falls aren’t the only swimming hole to see. The national park is filled with tantalisingly clear and cool pools, perfect for a stop as you walk through the land. As with any body of water in the Northern Territory – be sure to check signs warning of crocodiles in any areas before jumping in. Many of the swimming holes are safe to swim in, including the ones listed below.

  • Buley Rockhole

    Enjoy a refreshing dip in the small Buley rockpools. Surrounded by stunning bush landscape, these pools are open for most of the year.

  • Cascades

    Often overlooked by travellers, a trip to the Cascades may reward you with the entire place to yourself. An upper and lower section both offer peaceful swim spots amongst the trees. The walks around here are on the more difficult side, so keep that in mind if travelling with kids or anyone with mobility issues.

  • Surprise Creek Falls

    This pool will have you feeling a mile away from the real world. A large plunge pool sits at the base of the falls, but climbing the rocks above, you will be delighted with hidden pools. This pool is only accessible with a 4WD – just something to keep in mind as river crossings are required to reach it.

    On the way – or way back – from Surprise Creek you will pass another sensational swimming hole at Tjaynera Falls – also known as Sandy Creek.

  • Florence Falls

    The lookout may be easy access from the carpark – a 3-minute stroll will have you at the magnificent Florence Falls viewing platform. The walk to the plunge pool is a little further, though the walk through the heat is very worth it when you reach your destination and jump in to cool off.

    The land around the plunge pool changes drastically from the forest to the dry sandstone and is fascinating to explore, and Florence Creek is bubbling along through the area.

Things to see around The Wangi Falls

  • Magnetic Termite Mounds

    If you do a quick Google search of Litchfield National Park, you are all but guaranteed to have a photo of the termite mounds show up. These impressive mounds are well over 100 years old and almost 2m high. They give a remarkable insight into the abilities of the creatures that created them and call the mounds home.

    There are viewing boardwalks and platforms in the area.

  • Tolmer Falls Lookout

    A lookout point is perfect for people of all ages and abilities. Take in the view of the cascading Tolmer Falls after a short 400m walk from the carpark. This location is strictly viewing only – no swimming allowed.

  • Lost City Rock Formations

    Drawing comparisons to ancient city ruins, the Lost City is a collection of massive sandstone structures. Only accessible during the dry season.

The Top End of Australia is an adventurer’s paradise. Book a tour today to explore the highlights of the Wangi Falls and Litchfield National Park.

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