What to pack for the Northern Territory?

What to pack

Heading off to the Northern Territory for your next holiday? The weather in this part of Australia is unlike anywhere else due to its diverse landscape. Its extremely important to bring sunscreen with you that has at least SPF 50+ protection. If you’re going in the warmer months, you’ll see most of the locals in t-shirts, shorts or long sleeve tops in a light material to protect themselves from the sun. For further prevention from sunburn bring a hat with you as well as sunglasses with a high UV rating.

If you’re heading there during the wet season, don’t underestimate the weather because you’re in the Northern Territory. It gets cold there and rains frequently. Weatherproof jackets, rain ponchos and umbrellas are an essential packing item. Warm thick socks with comfortable walking shoes are a practical choice as the landscape can be quite rugged in certain parts.
Other essentials are an Australian electrical adaptor and a metal water bottle that will keep if your water cold all day. Swimmers are a must bring as there are many opportunities to swim in Darwin however please be mindful of where you swim and avoid the areas with signs that warn you about the crocodiles.

Other handy items to have on you are a fly net which is especially helpful if you’ll be camping, as well as a head lamp and lip balm as your lips will get chapped from the harsh elements. If you plan on bringing a camera, make sure you have lots of memory cards and battery life as you’ll want to take advantage of all the beautiful photos you’re going to be taking!


Wet season ranges from November to April and most attractions will be closed off during this time. The humidity is high, averaging at about 80% and monsoon storms are a common occurrence. January is one of the wettest months with afternoon rain showers prominent and the temperature during this season ranges from 24 to 32 degrees. From October to December there are spectacular lightning shows and from May to October is the dry season, which is the busiest in terms of tourist activity. The days are dry and sunny, with humidity around 60-65% and the nights do get cooler.

Northern Territory

The population of the Northern Territory is around 245,000 people, with about 145,000 of the residents living in Darwin, the capital city. The deserts of Central Australia are known as the Red Centre while the more tropical area is referred to as the Top End. The Northern Territory is also home to the oldest river system in the world, with some sections of it being 340 million years old.


The city of Darwin is the perfect base to explore the stunning Australian outback and its native animal and plant life. It’s the gateway to Litchfield, Kakadu National Park and many of Indigenous Australians sites that are extremely significant to their culture. You’ll find rock art at over 5000 sites in the Northern Territory. Discover the history of Darwin at the Museum & Art Gallery of NT and the East Point Military Museum for information on the 1942 bombing of the city during World War 2.

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