What to pack for the Northern Territory

What to pack for the Northern Territory

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/05/2019

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Packing for a holiday can be stressful, making sure you keep below your luggage weight limit but are prepared for anything that’s thrown at you is an art. To help you get ready for your trip to the Northern Territory, we’ve compiled the following list for you!

The Northern Territory is huge, and what you pack will change depending on which areas you are visiting and what time of year it is.

  • Tropical Wet

    If you’re visiting Darwin, or any of the fantastic national parks in the Territory’s top end you might find yourself in the wet season. Though the weather is delightfully warm all year round, there are a few extras you should pack in preparation for the wet season.

    Invest in quick-dry clothing. This has a couple of benefits, firstly they are usually quite lightweight which is great in the humid weather. Secondly, if you find yourself in a bit of rain, you won’t be stuck in wet clothes for hours on end.

    Tropical downpours can be hard to avoid, particularly if you are out in parks. An umbrella won’t be much use, but we recommend packing yourself a rain jacket to wear while wandering outside. Waterproof liners are readily available for daypacks of all sizes and using one will help to keep all your belongings dry. In your pack it is also useful to carry a flashlight or headlamp. Tropical storms can often cause power-outs so it’s good to be prepared.

  • Tropical Dry

    During the dry season the sun is particularly aggressive. The heat can be extreme so packing sun-smart is important. Dress appropriate for the heat, that means lightweight clothing with long sleeves to protect your skin from harmful UV. Wearing shorts and a light jacket is a good way to stay cool and safe.

    Keeping hydrated is important all year round, however you may need to drink extra water through the dry season to stay healthy. We recommend getting a water bottle that carries at least 1L of liquid. You can also get insulated bottles now, which will keep your water cool throughout the day, rather than heating up in your pack.

  • Desert Winter

    You might be surprised to learn that desert winters in the Northern Territory can get quite cold. The days may be lovely and warm, but at night the temperature plummets so you need to be prepared. Packing lightweight thermal wear is a great way to ensure you stay warm over the winter evening without adding too much weight to your packs.

  • Desert Summer

    Much like the Tropical Dry weather you need to be sure to pack protective sun gear, and plenty of water! Additionally, it’s a good idea to pack good socks. You’ll be doing a fair bit of walking, and sweaty feet combined with long summer hikes can lead to unwanted blisters. Keep your feet cosy and comfortable by investing in some good quality hiking socks. Those cheap ankle sock just won’t do for this adventure!

No matter where or when you’re visiting the Northern Territory though, there are a few things you should be sure to always pack including sun protection, hat and glasses, bug repellent and a sense of adventure!

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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