What is the weather like in Darwin?

What is the weather like in Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/03/2019

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Unlike the rest of Australia, Darwin and the Top End don’t have the traditional four seasons each year.

Because of its tropical climate, Darwin and the Top Ends year divides into two distinct seasons, wet and dry.

  • Wet Season

    Running from November to April, the wet season comprises monsoonal rains, tropical storms, and high humidity. Typical temperatures during this time sit around 33C during the day and drop to 25C overnight. High temperatures accompany high humidity, with moisture in the air leading to humidity of 80% on most days.

    Heavy rains during the wet season often cause flash flooding in parks and waterholes, but you shouldn’t let this deter you. If one road is closed, then there is always another one open going somewhere just as special. This time of year is also great for getting in the sky. Join a helicopter or small plane tour and view the Top End’s vibrant landscapes come back to life thanks to the healthy dose of rain.

    The wet season also brings with it the spectacular Top End electrical storms. Sit down for dinner and watch as lightning dances across the horizon. As the storm passes, the clouds roll through the sky, leaving nothing but the wet ground to remind you that they were there.

    Many people are apprehensive about visiting the Top End during the wet season, but don’t be! Many of the locals even say this is their favourite season. If that’s not enough to get you excited, maybe the prospect of smaller crowds might be!

  • Dry Season 

    Warm, dry days with clear skies and cool nights signify that the dry season has arrived. Though humidity is still at 60% it’s much lower than in the wet season so if you’re not a fan of high humid climates the dry season might be best for you.

    The days during dry season reach up to 32C but the nights can drop as low as 16, meaning you can enjoy all the warmth of the days without worrying about trying to get to sleep. This time of year is festival season in Darwin, with ample events and festivals running throughout the dry season no matter where you’re visiting you’re sure to find something special.

    The dry season coincides with southern Australia’s winter, so when better to head to the Top End? Ditch the scarves and freezing air for a relaxed balmy climate. This is also when the famous Mindil Markets are held each year where you can get local crafts and goods. Or if you’re looking for a break from the Darwin heat, why not head underground and explore the WWII tunnels?

No matter what time of year you visit Darwin, the weather is sure to add something special to your experience.

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