What do I need to pack for a holiday in Darwin?

What do I need to pack for a holiday in Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/14/2022

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Darwin has recently become one of Australia’s favourite tourist towns, with eager nature lovers flocking to the town before heading out to the famous Kakadu and Litchfield national parks.

And whilst the national parks provide endless awe and wonder the likes of which can’t be seen elsewhere, there is also plenty to do in magical Darwin city itself! Whether you’re checking out the Waterfront Precinct or enjoying a delightful meal at a sunset market, Darwin has plenty to offer travellers who aren’t afraid of a little heat!

This being said, Darwin is hot. It’s a tropical city, with a tropical climate, and things are pretty balmy at the best time of year, so you need to ensure you pack for the occasion.

Be sure to pack in preparation for the sun, stuffing the following in your travel pack:

● Sunscreen
● Hat
● Sunglasses
● Shorts
● T-shirts
● Swimwear

And, of course, if you are heading out to the wondrous national parks, you will most certainly need your very best hiking gear, boots and all.

If you pack carefully and correctly you can be sure you are in for a pretty fine Darwin time, including these wonderful experiences:

Night markets

Darwin has become world-famous for its sumptuous tropical markets, with the smells of cuisine from all over the world permeating the warm open air markets that dot this fabulous city.

From the legendary Mindil Beach Sunset Market (meal and a beer gazing upon one of Australia’s most gorgeous sunsets), Parap Village Markets (a Darwin institution serving up delectable Asian cuisine) and the Malak Market Place (where you’ll find everything from top produce to unique crafts), Darwin has the lot in its marketplaces.

Waterfront Precinct

Did we say Darwin is hot? Well, it is, and the Waterfront Precinct is the place where you can best cool off and refresh your senses after a day’s exploring in the sun.

The precinct has everything from a swimmable lagoon to natural parklands (plenty of shade!) to stylish bars and restaurants serving up delicious food and ice cold beverages.

And, of course, the national parks

Surely you’re not going to Darwin without going to the national parks, right? Kakadu and Litchfield are Australian icons, some of the most wondrous places on Earth, and you’d be truly missing out if you failed to head to at least one of these parks for at least a day’s exploring (though with Kakadu you really take three to five!).

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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