What day is Mindil Beach Markets on in Darwin?

What day is Mindil Beach Markets on in Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/27/2022

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Darwin has recently staked its claim as one of Australia’s gastronomic favourites. Sure, it doesn’t boast the Melbourne and Sydney’s Michelin-worthy fare, or the Barossa and Margaret River’s gourmet produce, but it is home to a series of laidback markets that have put it on the map for its unique blend of international cuisine!

There is no name more synonymous with Darwin’s uber chilled market culture than the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Operating on Thursdays and Sundays from April to October, the Mindil Beach market is a joyous affair of delicious food, good vibes and one of the country’s most divine sunsets.

Grab yourself a plate with cuisines ranging from Bangladeshi to Indonesian, Greek to Spanish and everything in between, before taking your food down to the beach to gaze upon what is really one of Australia’s most gorgeous sights – the sunset at Mindil Beach.

Once you’ve experienced the world famous joys of the Mindil Beach Sunset Market, be sure to head to some of Darwin’s lesser-known but equally appealing haunts, including the Nightcliff Market, Rapid Creek markets and Parap Village Markets, where you will also find fabulous fare as well as local produce and artisan crafts!

Darwin is famed for its breezy market scene, as well as a few other things that have put it on the world tourism map in recent years.

Here are a couple of those other fantastic experiences:

The Waterfront Precinct

Darwin is hot pretty much every day of the year. It’s a tropical town with a toasty rep, and this means it’s imperative to keep yourself refreshed in this balmy joint.

The best way to do it? The Waterfront Precinct, no doubt! The Darwin waterfront is the ultimate place to grab yourself a refreshing drink and cool off a little, with a swimming lagoon, shady parklands and quality bars and restaurants all existing to provide you with ultra-refreshment in this ultra-warm city.

The national parks

The Northern Territory is synonymous with national parks, boasting some of the most fascinating and unique landscapes you can find anywhere on the planet. From Kakadu’s towering escarpments and croc-infested swamps to Litchfield’s bizarre termite mounds, Lost City and divine waterholes, you can be sure that your visit to either park is going to be full of otherworldly surprises!

Lagoons, markets, national parks and quality feeds by the beach? It could only mean Darwin and the NT…

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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