Mindil Beach Market: Everything you need to know

Mindil Beach Market: Everything you need to know

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/08/2024

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Spend an evening at Darwin’s Sunset Market, the best place to have a good night out with amazing food.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market is an open air market – Darwin’s most popular! Filled with over 150 stalls, there is something for everyone. Make sure you set aside a couple of hours to browse all the individual stalls, grab a bite to eat for dinner, and of course watch the Darwin sunset.

When the markets open

The markets run from the last Thursday in April to the last Thursday in October. Every Thursday and Sunday between those months, the market is open between 4 PM and 9 PM.

The market will still run even if it’s raining, unless the weather is deemed unsafe. If you’re unsure whether the weather will be good enough, check Mindil Beach Market’s social media pages for further updates.

If you haven’t been to the markets before, Thursday night is the best time to go with all the stalls open. Sunday nights are typically for the locals, and there are fewer stalls.

Where you can watch the iconic sunset

The market runs along the beach, where you can make your way down towards the beach and find yourself a spot to sit for the sunset.

The sun sets at around 6:30 PM each night during the dry season, but it can vary. Be sure you arrive early to grab yourself some food to enjoy while watching the beautiful Darwin sunset.

Ways to get to the market

Mindil Markets is a short drive from Darwin City, from where you can book an Uber or a taxi. The market is near the Botanic Gardens and the Casino, where you can get on bus 4 or 6 or even walk to the markets from those locations.

If you’re driving yourself, there is plenty of free parking available onsite.

Stalls to go to

The market is always bustling- filled with entertainment, food, and handmade items. But do bear in mind that some stalls don’t operate on a Sunday!

Some highlights of the market stalls include Aboriginal artwork, jewelry, and clothing. But there are plenty of handmade items available to buy.

Food-wise you can expect a bit of everything, from desserts to all kinds of mouthwatering foods across different cuisines.


The markets always have some form of entertainment available! You can expect to see buskers, fire artists, choirs, circus performers and more! There are rides available that are also suitable for kids.

VIP Lounge

Enjoy the Sunset Markets in style, with exclusive tables and seats for VIPs. This is a great option for catching up with family and friends, anniversaries, or even birthdays. The VIP packages have options from standard, premium, and sunset drinks.

Some food recommendations that the locals love include Ken’s Crepes, Honey Puff King, and Darwin Laksa.


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