Learning About Darwin’s History at East Point Military Precinct

Learning About Darwin’s History at East Point Military Precinct

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/27/2016

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East Point in Darwin is a huge reserve boasting incredible sea views and lush Australian natural beauty. Amongst it all, there is a heavy military influence thanks to the area’s involvement in World War II.

In the centre the cultural and historic region, there are several military structures that are listed in the Register of the National Estate. Forming a pivotal part of Australia’s military history, East Point was the home of Australia’s last major fortress. It continues to be a reminder of Australia’s one and only battleground.

East Point also played a major role in the naval strategy of Australia and Britain, as well as being home to a number of artillery units.

Today, the region gives a nod to its past via a number of exhibitions, museums, and interactive experiences. As well as the Military Museum, you can explore the Defence of Darwin Experience. Here, learn more about the fascinating history that has made East Point so popular for visitors in Darwin.

Things to do at East Point Military Precinct

  • Defence of Darwin Experience

    This is the very first facility of its kind in Australia to provide visitors with an immersive, interactive, and multimedia experience that takes them beyond the solid walls of the Military Precinct.

    Here, you can explore Darwin’s role in World War II via interactive stories and exhibits. Darwin played an important role in the war during 1932 and 1945. This history is laid out in a gallery style format with objects, narratives, and multimedia displays that reveal its history.

    The experience opened in 2012 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin, giving visitors the chance to explore the impact of the East Point war on this part of Australia, as well as the effect it had on the area’s military and civilians.

  • Darwin Military Museum

    As well as the experience, there’s the Darwin Military Museum for keen history buffs to explore. Originally opened as an artillery museum, it now exhibits photographs, artefacts, and stories from Darwin’s role in World War II. Today, you can wander the displays of Navy, Army, and Air Force objects from Australia and further afield. Plus, learn more about Darwin and Australia’s role in the war.

The museum itself can be found amongst concrete gun emplacements and fortifications that were of vital importance during the region’s days in battle.

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