How many days do you need in Litchfield?

How many days do you need in Litchfield?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/14/2022

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Litchfield National Park – alongside Kakadu and Nitmiluk – is one of the natural wonderlands that has taken the Top End to the very top of world travel’s desired destinations.

The stunning park comprises sublime waterholes, cascading waterfalls, bizarre landmarks and fascinating wilderness, making it one of the most fascinating places to traverse in all of Australia!

What makes Litchfield even more spectacular is its relatively small size: you can easily experience the park’s sites (including the more far-flung ones) within two epic days.

This includes everything from the Buley Rockhole to Florence Falls, the termite mounds and mesmerising Lost City.

Let’s take a further look into those amazing sites to further entice your visit:

Buley Rockhole

One of the things that makes the Top End so serene is its sheer abundance of tropical swimming holes, and Litchfield’s Buley Rockhole has to be one of the very best of them.

This gorgeous layered waterhole is partly what put Litchfield on the travel map, as the nourishing waters and tranquil surroundings are perfect for refreshing your senses after a huge day’s national park exploration!

The Lost City

Take along in a 4WD and be whisked away to the wondrous Lost City: a fascinating series of thousands of rock formations jutting out of the tropical wilderness below.

The Lost City is a truly spectacular site, with not many other places reaching its strange and magnificent beauty – it truly is like a bizarre natural town that formed over aeons…

The termite mounds

Termites are rather industrious creatures, and they spend a great portion of their existence building and moulding rather large (larger than human large) mounds out in the likes of Litchfield National Park.

These strange-yet-beautiful mounds jump out of the sandy earth below and truly tower above their surroundings, making them a must-see when visiting the park (and we mean must-see – you don’t want to lean on them for a photo opp – termites use all kinds of materials to build their homes…).

Scenic flight

A scenic flight over any national park promises to be an incredible experience, and Litchfield has so much magnificent beauty to offer that you know this one will be spectacular.

A scenic flight will take you over Litchfield’s main attractions, including an array of their best waterfalls – it’s simply unforgettable.


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