How many crocs are in Darwin?

How many crocs are in Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/24/2021

Reading time: 2 mins

Darwin is Australia’s tropical north paradise: a gorgeously toasty city by the sea with plenty of fun and buzz within town and natural wonder outside of it.


Whether you’re partying hard at the Darwin Festival, enjoying a cold beer at the Waterfront Precinct or heading out of town to the incredible Kakadu and Litchfield national parks, there is a very good reason why Darwin has staked its claim as one of Australia’s most adventurous tourist destinations!

However, the city, and the greater Northern Territory, are also known for housing a particularly grumpy resident: the saltwater crocodile. One of the world’s most fearsome beasts, the saltwater crocodile is – in the wrong circumstances – a true danger to us humans and will happily take a good bite out of us if it means providing their bellies with sustenance.

Whilst it isn’t known for sure how many crocs roam Darwin’s beaches, rivers and waterholes, the greater Northern Territory is home to a whopping 100,000 salties, which is more than the massive states of Queensland and Western Australia combined!

But not to worry, Darwin city officials are really on point when it comes to ensuring locals and tourists can enjoy a refreshing tropical dip without too much risk of ending up a salty’s dinner, as they provide plenty of tourist information as well as large warning signs wherever there is known crocodile activity…

Just be sure to follow advice from officials, swim where the locals do as well as take head of these seriously massive warning signs and you are sure to have a croc-free dip.

And whilst you’re there, check out these awesome experiences:

The Darwin Festival

This is Australia’s ultimate winter arts festival, probably because there isn’t really a winter in Darwin, but also because it’s an insanely good party. Thousands of musicians, cabaret performers, dancers, artists, comedians and more converge on the city to perform for thousands more revellers in what is truly a joyous time in the Darwin “winter”.

The national parks

Kakadu and Litchfield national parks are, hands down, two of the best in the world. From the ancient rock art sites and towering waterfalls of Kakadu to the eerie Lost City rock formations and termite mounds of Litchfield, you should really work towards visiting both locations if you can afford yourself the time!

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