How do you get to Wangi Falls?

How do you get to Wangi Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/09/2023

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Wangi Falls is one of the more popular waterfalls you can go to in Litchfield National Park. 

Wangi waterfall and plunge pool is the perfect spot to spend a hot day. Wangi Falls is one of the beautiful waterfalls you can swim at when you’re in Litchfield National Park.

On Litchfield Park Road there is a turn-off down to Wangi Falls. You can drive quite close to the falls and park at the nearby car park. Then Wangi Falls is only a short walk away from the car park.

Wangi Falls Walk

Alternatively, you can do an hour-long walk (return) and see Wangi Falls from above. You can walk upwards to the viewing platform and stop here for a bit. Then you keep walking up to go by the creek walkway near the falls. When you’ve walked over the creek, you’ll start walking downwards, before reaching the end – and the breathtaking view.

Can I swim in Wangi Falls all year round?

You can only swim in Wangi Falls during the dry season which is between May to October. During the wet season, there are saltwater crocodiles inhabiting the area.

A man and woman swimming at a waterfall

What’s around Wangi Falls?

Nearby Wangi Falls is a camping area as well as the Wangi Falls Café for snacks, burgers, drinks, and much more.

The campground is an unpowered site and is best for tents, trailers, motorhomes, and caravans. The onsite facilities include tap water, toilets, showers, tables, and a BBQ. The campground is open all year.

What else can I see in Litchfield?

Litchfield has some other stunning waterfalls that you must see when you’re visiting the national park. Or even giant termite mounds that are bigger than you could ever imagine.

Buley Rockhole

Buley Rockhole has a deep plunge pool and a shallow rocky pool to relax in. This is one of the more popular plunge pools in Litchfield, so you may expect a few people lounging around to cool off in the heat.

Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls is one of the larger waterfalls in Litchfield that you can see all year round. You can’t swim at Tolmer Falls, but you can go to two viewing platforms to see this stunning waterfall.

Florence Falls

Florence Falls is a popular swimming hole in Litchfield, and you can swim here all year round! Towards the falls there is a plunge pool too, and the water is much deeper here. There is also a shallow rocky area where you can just lie down in the water and relax.

Termite Mounds

Not quite a waterfall, but certainly worth visiting when you’re in Litchfield. These termite mounds are some of the tallest and oldest ones you’ll see! The Magnetic Termite Mounds are around two metres high, while the Cathedral Termite Mounds are about four metres.

Over 260,000 people travel to Litchfield each year, with a lot of those people making a visit to Wangi Falls too! If you have no way of getting to Lichfield, you can book a one-day tour here. On the tour, you’ll visit the main attractions, including the chance to go to Wangi Falls or Buley Rockhole.

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