Ghost Stories and Gun Fights at the Daly Waters Pub

The Daly Waters Pub is set just outside of Darwin and offers the perfect pit stop if you’re exploring the red heart of Australia. Not only can you knock back some local craft beer and tuck into seasonal produce, but you can leave a piece of yourself there, too.

Ever since the 80s, patrons of the pub have left behind their mark, whether it is an item of clothing or a little souvenir they’ve picked up along the way. It began with a drinking bet between a coach driver and his bus load of female passengers. After losing a bet that they could drink a certain amount of beers, the ladies took off their bras and hung them from the bar (and they’re still there today!). Today, women still leave their bras behind, but they aren’t the only sort of treasure that’s plastered on the walls of this pub.

The History of the Daly Waters Pub

The history of the pub is a gem, too. Dating back to 1930, it was originally built by Bill and Henrietta Pierce and, since its birth, it has been the backdrop for numerous shootings, murders, and cattle stampedes.

Station owners have threated to burn the place down and many a brawl has taken place behind closed doors (and on the dusty streets outside).

Today, there are no longer any shootouts or murders that take place there. Instead, gun fights have been exchanged for ghost stories thanks to the unusual goings-on at night. It is thought there is a ghost called Sarah who was murdered by her husband after having an affair with the gardener – so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Food at the Daly Waters Pub

The treasures extend to the kitchen at the Daly Waters Pub, where the talented chefs serve up all sorts of local, seasonal dishes to fill your belly. The menu is expansive, featuring a little something for everyone, whether you fancy trying kangaroo loin, a crocodile slider, or a chicken schnitzel.

Hundreds of travellers stop off here for a hearty meal before going on to Darwin in one direction or Alice Springs in the other. Try the beef ‘n’ barra barbie, which is a local favourite every night in the winter months. Here, you can tuck into local tender steaks served with a side of Barramundi that’s caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Don’t forget to try the pub’s speciality either – the fresh, warm damper bread, which makes the perfect side to any dish.

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