Get to Know the Wetlands at the Wetlands Visitor Centre

Get to Know the Wetlands at the Wetlands Visitor Centre

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/07/2018

Reading time: 3 mins

The Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre in Darwin sits pretty above the Adelaide River Floodplain.

You’ll find it at the peak of Beatrice Hill, where you can marvel at the river below. If you’re on your way to the Mary River National Park or Kakadu, it marks the perfect place to stop off and soak up the fascinating flora and fauna of the region.

The Adelaide River, which the centre overlooks, is just one of eight rivers in this part of Australia, all of which come together to make up an impressive floodplain filled with unique scenery. This is known as the coastal wetlands, and is one of the most endangered land systems on the planet – something you can learn all about at the Wetlands Visitor Centre.

Inside the Wetlands Visitor Centre

The centre itself is made up of a range of exhibitions and display. At the top of the building, you can gaze out from the viewing platform and soak up the spread of the wetlands below.

Depending on the time of year you’re there, you might be able to catch a glimpse of lightning shows. Or, look out over the sun-baked floodplains in the dry season. Perhaps one of the best things about this part of Australia is the stark contrast between the different seasons.

Elsewhere in the centre, there are a number of interactive displays that showcase the dramatic season changes in the area. Additionally you’ll learn about the ecological processes that take place throughout the year.

On top of this, there is plenty of information about the incredible collection of wildlife that calls the wetlands home. You’ll also learn about the local Aboriginal history that imbues the sprawling expanse of land. Every day, the centre hosts free nature talks that allow visitors the chance to discover more about the colourful wetlands. During the talk, you’ll also learn more about the conditions that threaten the habitat of the wetlands. Learn more about how conservation efforts are helping protect them, and how you can help.

Flora and Fauna

Darwin’s wetlands are incredibly productive for both flora and fauna offerings and many of them are internationally significant.

They are home to some of the largest colonies of magpie geese in the world. Around 50,000 nests and over 500,000 individual birds live in this region alone. There are also numerous species of waterfowl in the region. The extensive bodies of water and unique environment are ideal for many species needs.

As well as birds, there is an inordinately high amount of specialised rodents that call the wetlands home. The dusky rat, in particular, as well as its predator, the water python frequently roam the area.

The wetlands around Darwin really are a magical place that change their backdrops at different times of the year. Sometimes, huge bodies of water extend out to the horizon and beyond, while other times see the lakes dry up and bring out new species of birds and plants.

The Window to the Wetlands Visitor Centre is the perfect place to start your exploration of the Top End of Australia. With eight impressive rivers and an expanse of floodplain filled with fascinating flora and fauna, there’s plenty to learn about on-site.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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