Do you need a 4WD for Florence Falls?

Do you need a 4WD for Florence Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/14/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Litchfield National Park is one of Australia’s most supremely inspiring wonderlands, with giant waterfalls, gorgeous swimming holes, fascinating landmarks and eerie sites just the start of an adventure into its sublime natural splendour!

Whether you’re having an uber refreshing dip at the Buley Rockhole, heading out to see the marvellous Lost City or checking out the absolutely strange termite mounds, the Litchfield National Park is one of Australia’s most beguiling lands and for very good reason.

No doubt one of the park’s starring attractions is Florence Falls, a stunning twin cascades complete with a large plunge pool that is ideal for swimming. One of the park’s most popular places to kick back and have a little fun, Florence Falls is a joy to behold, as well as being one of the park’s most accessible attractions!

You don’t need a 4WD to get to Florence Falls as there are numerous walking trails that take you above and down into these sparkling cascades. However, the campgrounds located nearest to the falls are 4WD-only, so if you want prime real estate for a morning dip it is best to take your big rig.

Once you’ve had a swim in one of the world’s most enchanting natural pools, it’s certainly time to head out to these other wondrous Litchfield experiences:

The Lost City

The Northern Territory isn’t short of eaons-old, fantastically-beguiling landmarks, and The Lost City is the perfect testament to this notion. The expansive series of hundreds of stone towers is in one of the park’s more-remote regions, meaning you definitely need a 4WD to get there, but this just makes it worth the effort.

It is a seriously majestic site to see these countless towers standing out in one of the park’s far-flung areas – they jut out of the land below and stand in a collective wonder, making it one of the most rewarding ventures in the whole park.

Termite mounds

Continuing with the fascinating sites, and the termite mounds are really something you won’t see in many other parts of the world. Seriously – they are so strange – a collection of giant, termite-made sculptures that comprise pretty much anything the termites see fit as a building material (don’t touch!).

These completely intriguing structures – and the likes of the gorgeous Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole – easily make Litchfield National Park one of Australia’s must-see national parks.


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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