Why you need to visit Florence Falls?

Why you need to visit Florence Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/28/2018

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Imagine yourself in crystal clear waters as the sun shines from above. Around you, cascading waters flow into the plunge pool, and lush bushland border the area. The Florence Falls is a picture-perfect area, promising spectacular views and a cooling pool to refresh from the Aussie heat.

What is so Great about this Waterfall?

Florence Falls is a double-plunge waterfall, with two separate waterfalls cascading into the swimming pool. Surrounding the pool is the lush monsoon forest, bursting with a variety of Australian native flora and fauna. It is a large swimming spot, capable of fitting a crowd at a comfortable level. Giving you your own space to enjoy this special treat with others. The spot is free of crocodiles, so it is very safe compared to other risky spots. It’s clear waters let you see right down to the bottom, letting you discover the underwater wonder of this swimming spot without even needing goggles.

How to Find it

It is nestled within Litchfield National Park. Simply turn off Litchfield Park road and enjoy the short drive past Buley Rockhole until you arrive at the waterfall car park. The viewing platform is easy to reach, with just a three-minute walk from the car park. Marvel at the picturesque scenery, towering over the cascading waterfalls and looking out to the sprawling valley. After seeing from the top, travel down on the walking track, by heading straight down to the waterfalls pool on the 160 stairs. If you want to explore more, take the long route and stroll around the rim of the gorge on the walking track there.

What you can do there

Make sure to take your bathers as this swimming spot will be irresistible! Enjoy a relaxing swim before getting out and air drying on the rocks and grass nearby. If your visiting during lunchtime, the bushland can be a beautiful spot for a picnic. Make sure you collect all your rubbish to keep the area clean. If swimming isn’t your cup of tea, simply marvel at the thundering waterfalls and discover the wildlife as you travel on the many walking tracks nearby.

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