Where is the Litchfield National Park?

While Down Under, there is no greater place than the Australian outback. With the Litchfield National Park being a great example of Aussie nature. This magical park is home to stunning waterfalls, natural pools, lush bushland, and sacred sights.

It’s location

Down south from Darwin, the Litchfield National Park sits near the top of Australia. Boarding on both Adelaide river and Reynolds river.

How to get there

The Park is around about 120 kilometres away from Darwin, taking around about two hours’ drive. There are only three different roads going into Litchfield National Park, one being paved via the town of Batchelor, with the other two dirt via Berry Springs and Daly River. You can either take a tour bus or drive yourself down these three paths.

What to see there

Make sure to pack your walking shoes and togs when visiting Litchfield National Park where mother nature is at its best.


There is a good deal of camping grounds litter within the area. Available for caravan and 4WD space, most of the camping grounds have a bathroom and barbeque facilities on hand.


Plunge into the countless swimming spots within the park. With waterfalls, plunge pools, and trickling creeks all perfect for a day in the sun.

Bush Walks

To discover all that Litchfield National Park has to offer, walking along the many bush tracks is well worth it. Here you can see the native plants, natural wonders, an array of wildlife hidden within. Make sure to pack your walking shoes as these tracks can get a bit tough at times.

Wildlife watching

Cathedral Termite Mounds

See the skyscrapers of Litchfield National Park, created by the architectures of the animal kingdom, the termites! Located throughout the landscape, these mounds stand a whopping seven metres in height. Even if you aren’t a fan of the creepy crawlies, you will be in awe when facing these massive mounds.   

Saltwater Crocodiles

See the ancient beasts of the Northern Territory, the saltwater crocs! They are the largest living reptile in the world, growing to nearly seven metres long. Visit the Adelaide River, and cruise down the stream as you try to spot these incredible creatures. If you are lucky, you can join the Jumping Crocodile cruise, which involves the massive beasts leaping into the air for their dinner.

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