What to see in Alice Springs?

What to see in Alice Springs?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/17/2018

Reading time: 2 mins

Get off the beaten track and head to the remote town of Alice Springs, the real Aussie Outback.

Chock-full with striking landscapes, wildlife aplenty, and incredible Indigenous culture. But where to start? Here is our list for the top attractions in Alice Springs that will make your holiday an unforgettable adventure.

  • Take to the Skies

    What better way to see the incredible scenery of the area but by balloon? Hop on a hot-air balloon flight and get a bird’s-eye view of the red desert. Wake up at the crack of dawn to witness the area at a magical time, seeing the vivid colours burst from the region as the sun slowly rises from the horizon.

  • Meet the Local Wildlife

    With vast spans of the outback, comes a vast array of unique wildlife. Hike through the bushland and spot the beloved Australian natives in their natural habitat. These include the famous kangaroos, dingoes, and koalas. With the unique Aussie plant life covering the area.

  • Discover the Land’s History

    Alice Springs is home to some of the most significant Aboriginal culture and history in all of Australia. Visit one of the many cultural centres to discover the past ancestors of the area. Discover the community’s traditions and history when seeing their collection of artefacts, including historic shields, dancing sticks, boomerangs, and a range of weapons. Learn about the deep spiritual connection they have with this land.

  • Marvel at the Art

    After learning about the Aboriginal history, finish off the day by marvelling at the breathtaking art. There are several galleries in the town to choose from. Artworks ranging from paintings, sculptures, fabrics, and jewellery. Some are even made from recycled wood, metal, and other material from the land. If you’re looking for souvenirs for your friends and family back home, visit the gallery shop which has more than 400 women artists making beautiful baskets adorned with seeds and feathers.

  • Trek out to see the Devils Marbles

    If you want to take your trip out further into the bushland, make your way to the fantastic Devils Marbles. The Devils Marbles, also known as Karlu Karlu (which translates to ‘round boulders’) is a collection of geological rocks in all shapes and sizes, estimated to be millions of years old. Located on an 1800-hectare conservation, these iconic granite boulders scattering across a wide, shallow valley.

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