What to Do in Litchfield National Park?

In the South of Darwin lies the Litchfield National Park. Bursting with incredible waterfalls, swimming holes, splendid wildlife, and marvelling natural wonders. Discover the secrets within as you travel the hours trip from Darwin city. Make sure to bring your camera, as this place is jam-packed with photo opportunities.

Swimming Spots

Cool off from the Australian heat and plunge into the countless swimming spots at Litchfield National Park. The pools range in depth and size, starting from shallower rock ponds for the kids to deep pools to dive into. Favourite swimming spots include the Buley Rockholes and the Cascades. Make sure you have a look and see which swimming spot will fit your needs!

Bush Tracks

Lace up those hiking boots and set off on a bushland adventure. There are quite a few walking tracks to choose from, with either secret waterfalls or creeks along the way to stop at for a quick dip. Discover amazing native plants and animals, and marvel at the views of the area at the many lookout points. If you aren’t the walking type, try out the 4WD roads with steep creek crossings and campsites to set up in.

Tolmer Falls and Wangi Falls

One of the main attractions Litchfield are famous for is its incredible waterfalls. The cascading water flowing into the crystal-clear pools beneath them is a perfect place to visit for any kind of traveller. Both these waterfalls allow swimming, so make sure to bring your bathers. Why not unpack your lunch here and relax in the shady areas surrounding as you take in the marvellous scenery?

Cathedral Termite Mounds

See the sky-scrapers of Litchfield National Park, created by the architectures of the animal kingdom, the termites! Located throughout the landscape, these mounds stand a whopping seven metres in height. Even if you aren’t a fan of the creepy crawlies, you will be in awe when facing these massive mounds.

Salt Water Crocodiles

See the ancient beasts of the Northern Territory, the saltwater crocs! They are the largest living reptile in the world, growing to nearly seven metres long. Visit the Adelaide River, and cruise down the stream as you try to spot these incredible creatures. If you are lucky you can join the Jumping Crocodile cruise, which involves the massive beasts leaping into the air for their dinner.

Litchfield National Park is a beautiful place full of thriving bushland, incredible history, amazing swimming spots, as well as astonishing wildlife. Whether you are a family or a backpacker, you are sure to find a sight that will take your breath away.

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