Is Darwin a good place for a holiday destination?

Is Darwin a good place for a holiday destination?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/20/2021

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Darwin has stepped up as one of Australia’s most desired holiday destinations.

Darwin City

This gorgeous tropical hub at the top end of the country is not only an awesome place to visit on its own, but it is the jumping point of two of Australia’s most beguiling national parks: Kakadu and Litchfield.

These two sprawling natural wonderlands make a trip to Darwin one of the most unforgettable Aussie adventures, and combined with a jaunt in Darwin city makes for an absolutely incredible holiday destination!

So, let’s dive a little deeper into what makes Darwin a top spot for a good, tropical time…

Darwin city

Darwin is full of life: a vibrant hotspot situated dead centre in the north of Oz. This city has so much to see and do before and after you head to the national parks, from the myriad of markets serving up delicious dishes and stunning arts, to the waterfront precinct, where weary travellers can escape the warmth and go for a dip in the city lagoon or have a beer in a waterfront bar.

In August, the city really springs to life when the Darwin Festival pops up in town, bringing with it a huge lineup of world class musicians, Indigenous artists, cabaret dancers and much, much more. It’s truly one of Australia’s top festivals and an awesome way to spend a few days (or a couple of weeks) in the top end!

Kakadu National Park

Well, what can really be said about Kakadu National Park? The best place to start is that there is no other landscape like it in Oz, or on Earth. From ancient plunge pools to towering rock formations, hidden rock art sites and cascading falls, this prehistoric wonderland is something else on the awe-inspiring scale.

Start your trip with a visit to Nourlangie, where Indigenous peoples sheltered for thousands of years and painted the walls with images and stories sacred to the land. Next, go on a Yellow Water croc-spotting adventure, where you can see saltwater crocs, or “salties”, in their element!

Finish the journey with a dip at the Gunlom plunge pool, perhaps the world’s most stunning natural infinity pool…

Litchfield National Park

Whilst not as instantly recognisable as the formidable Kakadu, Litchfield National Park is very much an incredible destination on its own. Head out to the incredible Lost City and gaze upon eerie termite mounds, all making up part of this otherworldly, unique experience!

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