Do you need a permit to enter Litchfield National Park?

Do you need a permit to enter Litchfield National Park?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/22/2021

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Litchfield National Park is one of Australia’s most breathtaking natural wonderlands. This wondrous expanse is replete with strange rock formations, stranger termite formations, gorgeous waterholes and cascading waterfalls, making it one of Australia’s most beloved natural destinations.

Termite Mounds in Litchfield

And, unlike its more enormous neighbour in Kakadu, you don’t actually need a permit to enter Litchfield! That’s right, you can enter Litchfield absolutely free-of-charge, keeping in mind you have to pay for camping spots if you plan on spending the night.

But what is it about Litchfield that makes people want to pack up wherever they are and head right for its tranquil expanse? And what joyous activities await you upon arrival?

The marvellous Lost City

The Lost City is unlike anything else in Australia, hands down. This strange and isolated part of the park is dotted with hundreds of incredible rock formations that look as if they dropped out of the sky a cheeky 500 million years ago (the estimated age of The Lost City).

But, before you pack your bags and start walking there, remember it is in an isolated part of the park and much better to hop aboard a 4WD to take you out there! Plus, you will want to get out there as quickly as possible anyway – it’s that mystical…

The eerie termite mounds

If you’ve never seen termite mounds up close then you’re in for a strange experience. This giant (some three to four metres tall) termite nests are one of the strangest things you’re ever likely to experience in the Australian outback or beyond!

Consisting of the red earth from below, these mounds can easily soar above humans and create an absolutely bizarre spectacle that, although absolutely strange, cannot be missed when visiting Litchfield.

Have a seriously refreshing dip

You know it, we know it: things can get pretty darn hot up in the Northern Territory. One thing you’re probably also aware of, however, is that the NT is also home to some of the world’s most delightful natural swimming spots, many of which are located right within the Litchfield National Park!

Yep, you will be absolutely spoiled for a swimming choice when visiting Litchfield, as the likes of Florence Falls, the Buley Rockhole, The Cascades and Wangi Falls all provide serene swimming spots that are perfect for plunging into after a day’s exploring.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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