Darwin Botanic Gardens – Discovering the city’s fascinating birth

The City of Darwin in northern Australia is home to some amazing attractions that display the rich history of this charming area. Among these is the George Brown Botanic Gardens, which spreads across 42 hectares of land and stretches between the Beagle Gulf coastline and the plateau that lies further inland.

Originally the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens were established in 1886 as a way for European settlers to test different plants in the soil to ensure that it was a sustainable environment for the already growing population of the area. The gardens were named after Lord Mayor George Brown who had dedicated 32 years to the development of these gardens before his election.

Since it’s only 2km from the Darwin CBD (Central Business District) the gardens have become a popular destination over the years for locals to visit and enjoy the beautiful grounds full of a wide range of plant species. These gardens are some of the only found on Earth that have both marine and estuarine plants growing naturally because of the neighbouring shores of the Beagle Gulf.

There are many incredible routes to take throughout the gardens, all of which have boardwalks and clearly marked out routes that will allow you to see the very best of this fascinating tropical ecosystem. The serenity that envelops the grounds creates a peaceful atmosphere as you walk beneath the beautiful trees, and with informative signs for each area you’ll be sure to learn something more about many of the plants around you. Throughout the botanic gardens, there are over 450 species of palm tree, some of which have been planted but many grow naturally because of the rich soil that helps to sprout these spectacular trees.

After a short walk through the gardens, you can stop and relax at Eva’s Café in the Wesleyan Church. This building is one of the city’s very oldest and most beautiful, and since it’s located in the gardens, it’s a great place to stop for a coffee during your visit. You’ll also be able to take a relaxed stroll along one of the many boardwalks towards the beach. While you walk you can observe an interesting change in your natural surroundings as the orchids of the thicker bush fade and the trees spread out the closer you get to the shore.

It truly is a wonderful place to spend time while visiting Darwin, and because of its immense historical significance linking to the birth of the city, it will give you an interesting insight into the history of Australia’s Northern Territory

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