Best Indigenous galleries around Darwin

Best Indigenous galleries around Darwin

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/28/2020

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Darwin has a rich and vibrant Indigenous heritage.

Aboriginal people have been living on and cultivating this land for thousands of years. Art is an important cultural tool in Aboriginal cultures and is used to tell stories, pass on culture and as a right of passage.

When you’re visiting Darwin, be sure to visit these fantastic galleries to see some incredible local art.

  • Aboriginal Bush Traders

    Established in 2015, Aboriginal Bush Traders supports Indigenous artists to commercialise authentic arts and products. They stock a variety of things from bush medicine to ethical fashion and, of course, art. Several artists display their works here, each piece telling a story and displaying techniques passed down for millennia.

    Visit their beachfront store and learn all about their products. Additionally, their café prides itself on serving native products and bush tucker on their menu.

  • Paul Johnstone Gallery

    The Paul Johnstone Gallery is committed to sourcing the finest of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artworks. They represent contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists to provide a space to present works by leading artists. The gallery aims to provide a record of the diversity of Indigenous art and its connection to culture, climate and environment.

    The gallery not only works directly with artists but also collaborates with Indigenous cultural organisations. By working with these cultural organisations they’re able to provide even more artists with the opportunity to sell their art, supporting them financially.

    Each month the gallery displays a new exhibition highlighting either a particular artist or cultural centre.

  • Mason Gallery

    Mason Gallery is the second gallery by the Mason Family. After moving to Arnhem Land for work, Reg and Debra Mason were approached by locals looking to sell their artwork. As the years went on, the quantity of the work became so great they opened a gallery. They quickly became the largest dealer in the Western Arnhem Land area.

    Years later, their daughter expanded their reach and opened Mason Gallery in Darwin. The gallery was successful and eventually, people were asking for artwork from central Australia too. Today, the gallery displays work from most of the major artists across the Northern Territory.

    They have worked over 20 years to run culturally sensitive galleries and sell only original pieces. The gallery displays paintings, carvings and weaving. They also sell a selection of small gifts and homewares that are perfect to take home with you.

There are many other galleries in and around Darwin you should visit too. Another great place to find Indigenous art is at the Darwin markets. Buy directly from the artist and support the local Indigenous community.

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