Are there crocodiles in Darwin?

There’s a lot of rumours about the crocodiles in the Northern Territory, but can you really find them in Darwin?

The Northern Territory is home to not only the largest crocodile population in Australia but the world. With almost as many crocodiles as people, humans have learnt how to coexist with these prehistoric beasts. Darwin is not immune from croc populations, with the animals often sighted around riverways and local beaches. There are two species of crocodile found around Darwin and the Northern Territory: salt and freshwater.

  • Freshwater Crocs

    Affectionately referred to as freshies, freshwater crocodiles are relatively harmless. Found in creeks, rivers, billabongs and other freshwater ways, they are a secretive creature and remain hidden from sight. These crocs can grow up to 3m in length however it’s much more common for them to be approximately 1.5m. While it is not encouraged to engage with any crocodile, freshwater crocodiles are more likely to flee from humans before humans flee from them. They are incredibly shy and tend to avoid confrontation with other animals.

  • Saltwater Crocs 

    Unlike the docile freshies, Australian saltwater crocodiles are the largest and most aggressive crocodile species in the world. Measuring at up to 5m in length and weighing in at 500kg, heavy salties are the fiercest of all reptiles. Ergonomically designed for speed, saltwater crocodiles can propel themselves through water at incredible speeds. Hiding in mangroves and marshes they remain hidden until opportunity presents for them to pounce at their prey. They are strictly carnivorous and will attack, and eat, just about anything that comes too close to them.

So, with all these crocs, is Darwin still safe?

Though both salt and freshwater crocodiles can be found in Darwin that shouldn’t deter you from visiting the Northern Territory’s capital. In fact, it’s a fantastic idea to include a croc tour in your itinerary!

Local and state authorities consistently release information relating to crocodile sightings and safety. If you follow recommendations and do your research, there is no reason to fear the crocodiles of Darwin or the Northern Territory.

Seeing crocs in Darwin

The best (and safest!) way to see crocs in Darwin is to join a specialised crocodile tour.

Want to see crocs out in the wild? Jump onto a Jumping Crocodile Cruise. Leaving daily from Darwin, the cruise will take you out to Adelaide River where you’ll see giant crocs propelling themselves out of the water to catch their prey. Home to over 1,600 crocodiles don’t be fooled by your beautifully calm surroundings. With limited spots available on each cruise you’ll get an intimate experience viewing these prehistoric creatures. Not only do you get to see crocs up close and personal, but your tour will have a low impact on the croc’s environment.

For your one-stop crocodile needs head to Crocosaurus Cove to see the world’s largest display of Australian reptiles. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, why not book into the Cage of Death, Australia’s only crocodile dive. Get closer than ever before to a massive saltwater croc for the ultimate crocodile experience.

Adhere to warnings, follow tour leaders’ instructions and don’t wander into croc territory and the crocodiles in Darwin will make your trip to the Northern Territory even more memorable than you thought!

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