Are there a lot of crocodiles in Darwin?

Are there a lot of crocodiles in Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/29/2022

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Darwin has become one of Australia’s top travel destinations in recent years, owing to the city’s fun-filled vibe as well as the wondrous natural adventures that await just outside of town.

Whether you’re hanging at the city’s night markets or heading out to the incredible Kakadu or Litchfield national parks, Darwin is a place where adventure lovers can satisfy their desire to see Australia in its most enchanting form!

Another thing Darwin is known for is its sizable saltwater crocodile population, with thousands of the Northern Territory’s 100,000 salty population residing in and around Darwin itself!

For this reason, swimming is advised against in many of Darwin’s waterways, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a refreshing dip in this toasty town: the Darwin Waterfront Wave Pool is an uber refreshing and super safe place to have an awesome dip.

Let’s face it: as good as swimming in a tropical town like Darwin is, you really don’t want to risk a limb doing so, and therefore it is a good idea to stick to the designated swimming places!

On top of swimming in the safety of the Wave Pool, here are some of the other unforgettable activities that await you in and around the city:

The Botanic Gardens

Located a short distance from the Darwin Waterfront, the Botanic Gardens is another fabulous place to rest and refresh in a city that is known for providing some serious warmth on any given day.

This sprawling 42 hectare public space is lined with shady trees and tropical plants, ensuring that you have a great place to chill and meander if you’ve found yourself getting a little heat oppressed!

Mindil Beach Night Markets

By far one of Darwin’s favourite pastimes, the Mindil Beach Night Markets run from April to October every year, providing a gorgeous spot to have a delicious meal and watch one of Australia’s most beguiling sunsets.

Grab a place from one of the market’s international food stalls before taking your spot on the beach and watching as that glorious Top End sunset bathes the beach in its sultry rays.

Get out of town

Darwin is blessed for its close proximity to both Kakadu and Litchfield national parks. Head to either (but really both!): you’re in for a spectacular adventure complete with refreshing waterholes, towering peaks, ancient rock art and much, much more!


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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